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Casserole Tote Tutorial

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    Casserole Tote Tutorial

    Here is the tutorial I have been working on for you guys. These are really simple to put together and you can adjust the measurements to fit whatever size you need.


    (2) 21" squares of cotton fabric
    (2) 2" plastic rings
    (1) 41.5" x 3.5" strip of cotton fabric

    [attachment=9:24jd68zt]materials needed.jpg[/attachment:24jd68zt]

    Take your 2 squares of fabric and place them right sides together. Using a 1/2" seam allowance, sew around all 4 sides leaving an opening for turning.

    [attachment=8:24jd68zt]half inch seam allowance.jpg[/attachment:24jd68zt]

    Turn your fabric right side out so that you now have what resembles a flat pillow.

    [attachment=7:24jd68zt]turn right side out.jpg[/attachment:24jd68zt]

    Stitch the opening closed.

    [attachment=6:24jd68zt]hidden stitch to close.jpg[/attachment:24jd68zt]

    Using a 1/4" seam allowance go around all 4 sides completely.

    [attachment=5:24jd68zt]quarter inch around outside.jpg[/attachment:24jd68zt]

    Fold the long piece of fabric right sides together and using a 1/4" seam allowance sew a tube.

    [attachment=4:24jd68zt]sew strap seam.jpg[/attachment:24jd68zt]

    Press seam open.

    [attachment=3:24jd68zt]seam press strap.jpg[/attachment:24jd68zt]

    Turn right side out and press flat.

    [attachment=2:24jd68zt]strap turning.jpg[/attachment:24jd68zt] [attachment=1:24jd68zt]strap right side out.jpg[/attachment:24jd68zt]

    You can use a decorative stitch if you want to secure the layers so your strap won't turn and will always stay flat.

    [attachment=0:24jd68zt]stitching on strap.jpg[/attachment:24jd68zt]

    Re: Casserole Tote Tutorial

    Nice tutorial, would you please post a picture of the completed project holding the casserole dish? Thanks!


      Re: Casserole Tote Tutorial internet died last's the rest ...

      Cut (2) 4.5" pieces off the end of the strap

      [attachment=5:1balbpao]cut 2 pcs off end.jpg[/attachment:1balbpao]

      Put through rings to create a loop and anchor with an "X box" to opposite corners.

      [attachment=4:1balbpao]slide through ring.jpg[/attachment:1balbpao]
      [attachment=0:1balbpao]create loop to hold ring.jpg[/attachment:1balbpao]
      [attachment=3:1balbpao]make an x.jpg[/attachment:1balbpao]

      Do the same for the strap. Lay it corner to corner and anchor with an "X box".

      [attachment=2:1balbpao]secure strap to corners.jpg[/attachment:1balbpao]

      You are DONE!! You just put your casserole dish in the middle under the strap, fold the loop corners over, then pull the strap through to make the handle!!

      [attachment=1:1balbpao]slip strap through loops and pull.jpg[/attachment:1balbpao]

      HAVE FUN!!

      If you have any questions or if something is not clear, let me know and I"ll try to clear it up for you.


        Re: Casserole Tote Tutorial

        I want to try this! I have always wanted a casserole cover and this looks perfect! I think I even have those small rings in my stuff from my Grandma. I knew I would use them for something.

        Thank you and I'll let you know when I get a chance to make it.

        It's definately going on my list!


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          Re: Casserole Tote Tutorial

          Love the project, it's one I definitely want to make.

          Great job on the tutorial, Shell!
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            Re: Casserole Tote Tutorial

            I would love to get into the tutorial, but there is nothing to click on to open. What do I need to do?



              Re: Casserole Tote Tutorial

              This is the tutorial, but it looks like the pictures are missing I'm guessing they were on the old site and didn't transfer? This does look like a great tutorial but I haven't tried it yet. Anyone else try it?
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                Re: Casserole Tote Tutorial

                I guess my little emachine, doesn't like photos either....but, I think we can figure it out...! Thanks for sharing!!