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Easy English Paper Piecing Templates

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    Easy English Paper Piecing Templates

    I downloaded a sheet of hexagons from Cia's Palette. Then I took 6 copies of the 8.5x11 sheet to Staples and had them laminated in 11x17 lamination sleeves. I then cut out the hexagons and punched a hole in the center of each one. This is for 2 fold - 1...I can easily pop them out of the fabric after I"m done stitching them together...and 2...I can store them on a binder ring so that they are easily stored and found when needed.

    This should give me 180 hexagons that I can reuse over and over again...
    here is what the sheets looked like before I started cutting them up...thank you to my hubby who is peeking at all of you from the split in the center of the sheet...


    Re: Easy English Paper Piecing Templates

    Ooooh! Another great Idea Shell!! Thanks! 8-)