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Frixion pens?

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    Frixion pens?

    Has MSQ discontinued the Pilot
    Brand Frixion pens ? Loved these since
    They disappear with heat.

    Thank you

    Re: Frixion pens?

    I don't know if they stopped carrying them, but you can get them at any office supply store like Staples or Office Depot.
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      Re: Frixion pens?

      They’re available at Wal-mart too.


        Re: Frixion pens?

        Wouldn't surprise me. MSQ, as large as they are, can't compete with the others in what is "office supplies." I wouldn't expect them to.

        Walmart has always been my go-to for this item, but in the past year or so, stock replenishment has been iffy. I do get a good supply when they are offered at "back-to-school" time. I haven't tried Staples or Office Depot, but our local Craft Warehouse has individual bulk boxes of Frixions by the cutting area for a very decent price.

        The best deals are on Amazon. There are also refills, at an even better savings.
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          Re: Frixion pens?

          I just bought a pack of 7 different colors from Amazon. I like the extra fine point version for tracing embroidery patterns. I love them!
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            Be careful with some of those pens. I noticed some of the colors leave a white residue on dark fabrics that I can't seem to remove. Plus the marks come back in extreme cold, but then who is going to put them in a freezer LOL. I love these pens, but I did do the freezer test to be sure.