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Happy quilting mistakes

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    Happy quilting mistakes

    (Looking for ideas for BLOCK Magazine)
    Have you ever had a quilting snafu that turned out for the best? Any serendipitous mistakes?

    Re: Happy quilting mistakes

    I don't think I can recall anything specific, but I know that each mistake has taught me something, not the least of which is perfection is way overrated...


      Re: Happy quilting mistakes

      Like my last top?

      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
      ― Maya Angelou


        Re: Happy quilting mistakes

        Yorkshire tale of quilt Paralympics.
        we moved the 201 treadle into living room, so we could watch the live coverage of winter Paralympic's ower neet together in same room.
        Himself had not long returned from work, mended fire. (It was not broke, just needed more coil to keep going.)
        mi sen decided to treadle quilt, while everyone on screen was preparing.
        The quilt was the first larger quilt, the first time used 2.5 inch square die to cut fabric units,
        found the quilt kept growing while piecing, but could not alter the design to shrink the quilt without un-sewing, so carried on.

        Once pin basted, loaded under 201 needle, felt the effects of gravity, were flummoxed could not move the quilt at all under needle, even with a table supporting quilt.
        We were making for nephews birthday which was rapidly approaching.
        Had planned to do so much and rest, return to it the next day, pace mi sen. Repeat.
        Himself seeing issue, jumped up out of chair, grabbed quilt, I started treadling,we moved quilt in unison, did different patterns for each areas, just because it would give interest to nephew, himself was unfortunately next t fire, that had decided t go rather well, a blacksmith could of made horseshoes on it.
        mi was guiding the quilt, treadling giving direction, of next quilt movement, himself roasting, mi'sen not far behind, we found a rhythm.
        mi wanted to stop, himself said 'keep going', we quilted the whole king sized quilt, then sew on the binding all in one neet it was an double Olympic effort. We finished around 5:30 am.
        All the efforts were worth it, but felt very ower done. himself's arms were shaking, we saw some huge efforts on telly too, that spurred us on through the neet.
        The mistake was mending t'fire for neet,
        using too big unit size, meant had to do a joint effort to move the quilt, we learnt from this.
        Now have a method for larger quilts, so can do on own at my pace!!
        Talking about this quilt has caused himself to sweat and have shaky arms, he still laughs about it, even though many years have past, The nephew loved the quilt, think all were quite amazed at its size as well.


          Re: Happy quilting mistakes

          Not a snafu or mistake but certainly serendipitous. After combing over many patterns for a 50th anniversary quilt I settled on one that I thought they would like and I could complete in time for the big day. As I was putting on the binding I realized the quilt had exactly 50 different fabrics in it. I hadn't planned it that way, just totally serendipitous.


            Re: Happy quilting mistakes

            Well, I made a rainbow string quilt a few years ago. I was doing straight line quilting, but randomized the width between lines. It looked bad to me, so I add wavy lines in between the straight lines and the quilting actually ended up looking like rain to me.