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    MSQC gift cards

    Hi Quilters!
    I was a lucky girl and got a digital MSQC gift card. So happy about that!
    I want to use it for Daily Deals and something special for upcoming projects.
    But I am told there is no way to add this gift card to my account so I can use it easily.
    Why is that?
    I was on vacation last week and saw some Daily Deals I would have loved to get, but on a mobile device I don't have easy access to the email for the digital gift card. So I missed the deals. :-(

    Is there any plan for MSQC to add the option of saving a gift card in their MSQC account online?
    I do this with gift cards for other companies and it makes ordering online so quick and easy.

    Can anyone put a bug in the ear of the webmaster, or someone 'higher up' to suggest this option please?

    LOVE Jenny and MSQC!!!!!!!

    Re: MSQC gift cards

    I'm not sure what's going on, but it's very easy to add a gift card to your account, and to the best of my knowledge, you can use it for anything except shipping charges. My advice is to call M* and somebody should be able to walk you through how to set up the gift card. If anyone has different information, please chime in....TIA


      Re: MSQC gift cards

      I just store the gift card number and balance in "notes" on my phone. I'm sure there is a way to store it in the account online, but I don't know, so this works for me.