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    Mettler Metrosene threads

    I’ve used Mettler Metrosene thread for years.
    Lately this thread has been harder to find.
    We live in a rural area and don’t have any LQS.
    I order all my thread/fabric online.
    I’ve checked the places I have ordered in the past.
    I finally found Sewing Machines Plus and placed an order.
    I received 2/3 of my order, they would check with their
    vendor and see if they would be able to fill my order.
    Many places are carrying Mettler silk finish thread.
    Has anyone used the Mettler silk finish thread?’
    My concern is will it be strong enough for piecing quilts?
    I wonder why the change in this thread availability?
    Thank you for your input.

    Re: Mettler Metrosene threads

    Unfortunately I honestly don't know. It made a difference when I combined silk with other types of thread/yarn when I was weaving.

    It's definitely strong if it wasn't made up of tussah silk which has a shorter fiber. Shrinkage rate would probably be different than cotton. What I'd suggest is checking out Superior Threads website. In the educational or tutorial section they do go into threads and their different properties and do have a good description of their threads and best uses. So you might find something of value there. Also you can email them a question as if you are thinking of purchasing their silk thread.

    Sorry but that's the best I can offer :-/
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      Re: Mettler Metrosene threads

      Red Rock Threads has it listed on their website -
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        Re: Mettler Metrosene threads

        I can't address the availability of Metrosene thread, but Mettler Silk Finish thread has nothing to do with silk. It is a normal 50 wt. cotton thread well suited to piecing. The "silk" just refers to the smoothness of the finish. I used it for years in my piecing but switched to Aurifil because Aurifil is less linty.


          Re: Mettler Metrosene threads

          Mettler Metrosene is a polyester thread.
          I tried cotton thread years ago and it
          Leaves a lot of lint. I asked a
          quilt shop cotton versus polyester.
          He said to use polyester because
          it is stronger and will last longer.
          Although we use 100% cotton fabric
          Cotton thread isn’t as strong and won’t
          last. Cotton thread isn’t as durable.