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  • AccuQuilt Go Big

    I am wondering if anyone has the "Go Big AccuQuilt" cutting machine? If so what are your thoughts? Thank you.

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    Re: AccuQuilt Go Big

    Hi - yes, I just got it a couple of months ago. I love it! It is expensive and I've added some additional dies when on sale. But, from a cutting perspective, you can't beat it. I bought the drunkards path die and finished a quilt top in just a couple of days. I love the 5" square die and the 2 1/2" strip die for making binding. Short work of cutting, for sure. I bought the 8" bundle and the angle companion. I bought the butterfly die and the cupcake die. I'm really excited about it!


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      Re: AccuQuilt Go Big

      I got one unexpectedly last year for Christmas. It's one of those things I had always seen at quilt shows and dreamed about but never seriously thought I'd ever get one. Well, now that I have it I can honestly say I don't know how I lived for so long without it. One of my favorite dies is the 21/2" strip cutter. I can use that die to cut binding strips in less than 3 minutes. I spend more time ironing the fabric than cutting. I have both the 6" and 8" cubes, 2 1/2" and 11/2" strip cutters and a few specialty dies. I keep an eye out at my LQS and ebay for dies on sale and have gotten some great deals. If you end up getting one, I highly recommend taking a class if your LQS offers one. If not, check out the Accuquilt site on You Tube as they have some helpful videos as well.
      Let us know what you decide.


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        Re: AccuQuilt Go Big

        I've had mine since 2016 and I wouldn't part with it. I have dies for various strips, circle, triangle, hexi, half hexi, and orange peel to name a few. Yes, there is some extra waste, and the dies are expensive, but since I have pretty significant arthritis in my hands and shoulders, I consider it a life saver.


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          Re: AccuQuilt Go Big

          Thanks everyone for your responses.

          I have been researching different cutters for a while now and I keep coming back to this one. I have not found anyone close in my area that sells them. The closest one is about an hour away. When I finally make up my mind I am planning on visiting the shop to get a better look and idea what they are like. I don't know if they actually have classes on them though. I have been watching the videos on the AccuQuilt site and they are very informative. Just makes me want it even more. I have started a wish list for the dies, but I am sure I will have to put some of them on hold. I definitely want the 2 1/2 inch die. They are a bit expensive, but I have found that you always get what you pay for.

          I also have arthritis in both my thumbs and it is only getting worse. It is difficult to grip things sometimes. That is why I am leaning toward the electric one.

          Gaye...What a wonderful Christmas gift.

          I appreciate you letting me know which dies you purchased, thanks again.


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            Re: AccuQuilt Go Big

            My friend has one, bought specifically to use when we cut out the pieces for the shields for Days for Girls. She has had it nearly a year, but there was a big delay in getting the die cut for it (you have to jump thru several hoops), and we just got it this past week.

            I go to her house every Tuesday, and cutting them was on the agenda. In two hours, I think we cut out close to 200!!! Had we cut them by hand, that would have taken us several weeks.

            Her and I ran up to Joanns to buy some PUL, and when we got back, cut that out too! The woman who runs the group did not want PUL cut with the template because she thinks there is too much waste. We decided since we were paying for it ourselves we could do what we want! We figured it out and each bought 1 7/8 yards and got 36 of them out of each piece. Yes, we probably could have gotten about six more if we had cut them by hand, but the time and pain saved is worth it to us!

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              Re: AccuQuilt Go Big

              Out of curiosity I looked up the Accuquilt Go Big. Holy cow those gadgets and dies are REALLY expensive. Have fun with it and I hope you find it easy to figure out.


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                Re: AccuQuilt Go Big

                I use the sizzix, but the accuquilt cuts the 6 layers fabric in similar ways,
                watching stuart hillard,
                and the cc telly shopping, cubes dies are available with the accuquilt apparently they can help make 72 blocks? and the strip dies are useful.
                these die cutting machines are good for folks with pain in hands, wrists, shoulders, they reduce time for cutting a lot of units out accurately, fabric wastage depends on how you approach it, I do strips die first with virgin uncut fabric then put those strips on the next shape, your methods up to you.
                you will need to buy the mats, dies, they are expensive but your output will be more.
                the accuquilt has the baby, go, and the electric go big. cutting machines,
                if your struggling with cutting, these devices will only help keeping you do what you love,
                are there any pre used ones on any selling sites?
                will leave you to decide


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                  Re: AccuQuilt Go Big

                  I love, love, love my Go! Big. I have the 9 Cube & the 2 companion cubes that coordinate with it with plans to purchase the 8 and 6 Cubes as well. I got the 9 Cube because it works well with charm packs. I have 2&1/2", 1&1/2" and 1&3/4" strip cutters. I love the first two and the later one was a Christmas gift that I haven't tried yet, but know I will love it. I make a lot of the flange binding that I enjoy adding to quilts for that extra Wow! factor. I also purchased the Go! Me when it went on sale for an incredible price because it came with the owl & owl accessory dies that were on my list. That lil bugger is handy to take to work so I can cut fabric on my lunch hour--like I need the whole hour for cutting!!! I also use the strip dies for is making squares for snowballing. You can get an amazing amount of squares in mere minutes! I hate to admit it, but AccuQuilt dies fill my Birthday/Christmas lists and my sons love that! They know they are giving me something really awesome for my quilting addiction and for some reason, they want me to stay addicted!!! Go figure....
                  One thing though, the website can be a tad long in shipping at times. So is Quilt in a Day who has free shipping all the time with AccuQuilt products-no special codes to enter or certain limits to spend. They probably get their orders filled though AccuQuilt. Just a warning if you need something right away. I ordered my Go! Big with 9 Cube from QIAD because they offered a Cube package that AccuQuilt did not offer and it fit my needs perfectly.

                  The Go! products are wonderful for my arthritis too. I love the accuracy of the cuts and the quick time to make the cuts all while not hurting me at all. Have fun shopping for what works for you. I researched every cutter made for 2 years before making my choice. I got the right cutter for me and I hope you enjoy the whole process in finding the right one for you.

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                    Re: AccuQuilt Go Big

                    I just bought the Go Big ... unboxed but have not used it yet. I need to cut some strips WOF for a QAL. Can I do this?


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                      Re: AccuQuilt Go Big

                      fan folding no more than 6 layers of fabric at a time on die, there is no end to the strip die so ensure your folds are still within the cut lines, when comes out of the machine Pam who demo'd on a uk craft channel recommends sliding the top mat rather than lifting
                      is QAL a quilt a long?
                      if doing a 4 patch, sew 2 strips then lay across 90 degrees pop through your go, you will end up with 2 squares joined, then sew again .
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