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Just VENTING Give credit when you steal my designs

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    Re: Just VENTING Give credit when you steal my designs

    When you entered the contest, did you give up the rights to your original design? Just wondering because sometimes that’s part of the fine print. I understand how you feel. I have friends who are quilt designers and I can’t believe how nonchalant some people are about photocopying and ‘sharing’ patterns. And with social media, it gets even trickier. I might never post a picture of one of my designs on social media, but what about the person who snaps a photo of one of my quilts at a show and posts it? That being said, if you have documentation from the contest you entered, you have a form of proof that you came up with the design first, I would think. And...I do like yours much more than hers.


      Re: Just VENTING Give credit when you steal my designs

      I would also be upset also. Her block looks rather amateurish compared to yours. I always enjoy looking at the creations you post.

      I had to look her up guess I am being nosey and this came up. Am I correct understanding that she is teaching classes using your design for MJ Kinman, Textile Artist ? Maybe contact them and see if they will respond. I am sure they aren't offering the classes for free.
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        Re: Just VENTING Give credit when you steal my designs

        Denise, thank you for considering the possibilities. It does seem her actions are less than professional (to say the least).

        I agree with everyone else, your block is beautiful and hers does look...well hers looks like she took two separate practice blocks and chopped them in half then stitched the two colorways together. It looks sloppy and her block is wonky. Not at all the quality I would expect from someone who was teaching the technique.

        I hope you get the recognition, an apology and the resolution you are entitled to.


          Re: Just VENTING Give credit when you steal my designs

          Originally posted by DeniseSm View Post
          In August 2018 I entered a contest to combine two gemstone patterns and create a new bicolored gemstone. I used the Amethyst block and recolored it to be a bi colored Ametrine. I am used to being copied. I take it as a compliment. But at least give me some credit for the original design.
          Denise- as much as I've admired your "birthstone blocks" and the skills required for piecing, I have to question when credit is due. You state "original design," but is it really? The original pattern is of course from MJ Kinman. Your choice of Ametrine coloration may or not be original, and I'm not sure one can claim color choices as "original" designs. There's only so many segments on the color wheel, and it's likely more than one quilter has similar tastes, so we see similarities in different folks' presentation. Since her block does not mimic yours exactly I'd call it a vague coincidence, not a copy.

          Contacting you for specific fabrics used? If I were making these blocks I'd want to know. The colors and fabric work so well for this block. Rather than experiment I would ask so I could be certain mine would "pop" like yours do. I'd thank you for your response of course, but credit... for originality? Only if due. It's not feasible, or necessary, to credit "where we seen it" every time we make something. Especially if it's NOT really original, and color choices are not original designs, but preferences.
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            Re: Just VENTING Give credit when you steal my designs

            I had thoughts on you saying someone had stolen your design, but I refrained, according to you, no one else could have had the same pattern. My question is this, Under your theory, I guess Donna Jordan, has stolen the Mirror Mirror pattern from Henry Glass. Only his was copy righted in 2017 by Heidi Pridemore. You were wrong saying your pattern was stolen
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              Re: Just VENTING Give credit when you steal my designs

              If you wanted to speak to her by phone, she is teaching a class on paper pieced birthstones February 11 at Annies Quilt Shop in Shelton WA.

              I saw some people on another forum I follow on FB have signed up for it.

              No rainbows!


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                Re: Just VENTING Give credit when you steal my designs

                Ametrine is a little known gemstone. It's beautiful, but hardly anyone knows about it.

                Someone, whose real name is unknown, contacted you to find out precisely which fabrics you used to create your gemstone blocks.

                I suppose that it's statistically possible that Ms. Nelson never saw your Ametrine block. It's also statistically possible that she's not the person who asked for your precise fabric choices.

                But now there's a block named "Ametrine" using precisely the fabrics you used for your "Ametrine" block.

                How can these possibly be unrelated coincidences?

                I suppose it could be cleared up by the poster who asked about your fabrics stepping forward to let you know she is NOT Jayne Nelson.

                Until and unless that happens, I certainly think you have a right to be suspicious.
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