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  • Waiting for a thread sale?

    For all you Aurifil users... I found 50wt. Aurifil (1428 yd) spools at SewingMachinesPlus for $7.69 each. That's dirt cheap considering the recent price increases on Aurifil. Use coupon code "thread30v." Free shipping @$49.

    The bad news? Someone on my shopping list is going without so I could afford to buy at least a years supply. Bah humbug!
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    Re: Waiting for a thread sale?

    I believe there is a thread sale on at FatQuarters .com too! There is Aurifil along with other kinds including floss for those who cross stitch or embroider. Free shipping there too!
    Sandy B.
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      Re: Waiting for a thread sale?

      Thank you so much for sharing!



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        Re: Waiting for a thread sale?

        That’s a great price!
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