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What is your Quilting Testimony?

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    Re: What is your Quilting Testimony?

    Nice stories....this is the passion!

    I learned to embroider by my aunt when I was 8 and every summer for years, my mother would bleach/wash old "chicken sacks" to make her kitchen towels. My two sisters and I would embroider the Aunt Martha designs on the bottom of the towels during the summer vacation from school and have something to occupy our time.
    I first learned to sew in 4-H when I was 10; by the time I was in high school, I took 3 years of Home Ec and was sewing my own clothes. After I married and was pregnant with my first child, I sewed all of my maternity clothes.
    I didn't start quilting until 1992 (28 yrs old, I am now 55) and what a ride of progression that has been in the last 27 years! I took a few classes on FMQ and went to workshops that would show different techniques in quilting variation. It has always been my goal to learn what I can and broaden my horizons!

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      Re: What is your Quilting Testimony?

      Ok, so in 2015 I was researching for my "other " hobby , model railroading and was looking for a quilt shop to model for my layout. I did the norm and Googled searched. Looking at all the images, one was MSQC, and the rest is history. I looked at the videos and it was like eating potato chips, could not have just one. Next day took out my sewing machine and tried one block, 20 minutes later on my way to Joanne's.

      Have been quilting since and even joined a guild who I have been president for the last 2 years.

      Love Jenny, MSQC and of course, this forum.

      "No regrets, only learning opportunities."


        Re: What is your Quilting Testimony?

        I started learning to sew in upper grade school.........from watching my mom. She would show me different things while she was sewing clothes. I took Home Ec in Jr. high & high school......but I learned more at home than I did in those classes. I bought a quilting book on vacation while I was high school.......but never did much with it. Looking back now I think it was the styles of quilts that did not inspire me.

        At some point in high school I made a simple quilt of blocks out of........heaven forbid.....Double Knit......I know.......what was I thinking. It was twin size, tied & weighed a ton!! I can't stand that type of fabric gives me the willies ......but I still have the quilt. After I got married I would sew clothes for me, my DH & our son when he was small.

        Didn't try quilting again until the summer/fall of 2011. Our nest was empty & I needed something to keep me I started thinking about quilting. As you know it can be an expensive hobby but I saw a garage sale listed with quilting fabric. I went to the sale........bought 2 small boxes of assorted scraps & some quilting magazines & books. I was so happy...this would give me a good start. But what really got me motivated was........while looking through fabric at the garage sale......I told the lady that I really liked the batiks. We talked a little & then she told me she had some more batik scraps that she could part with. She gave me a large ziploc full for $1........I was in heaven!! She said "anything to encourage a new quilter". What completely pushed me over the edge was when she showed me a batik quilt that she was working on. It was gorgeous........and I was drooling! My 1st thought after gasping when I saw it was..."I have to make one of those!" I brought my treasures home, sorted my scraps that night & by the time I was done........I had and idea for my 1st & 2nd quilt! Been hooked every since!!!! I have mentioned this garage sale story before but it was what really got me moving into quilting!
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          Re: What is your Quilting Testimony?

          "Anything to encourage a new quilter." Oh, how sweet, and what a great example of the unselfishness of the quilting community. Not only do we love making and sharing quilts, we want others to feel the joy of creating, too.


            Re: What is your Quilting Testimony?

            Thank you for your stories! I admire all the ways we have found into this artistry. Here is mine.

            I had a home ec class in late grade school and I just could not understand how to read a pattern, and the instructions. My family did not sew, and I had no context for phrase like “wrong side” and “ease fabric”. I also have always had trouble figuring right and left. The zipper on the skirt I was making seemed like an impossible task. I struggled, and decided I just could not sew. This makes me so sad today. A little 12 year old shutting a door. I try to remember this event as a teacher, and work hard to keep options open for my students. I should also say the bobbin was, and really still is, my enemy. I just hated that bobbin as a 12 year old.
            I loved, and still do, math and geometry. I loved, and still do, looking at quilt blocks and noticing the pattern. I was drawn to quilts because of this, and would visit fabric shops and museums that had quilts because I loved this public art and craftsmanship. But I thought creating was beyond me.
            So years go by. I do simple crafts with my children. I become very adept and creative with certain software. I learn techniques about color and design on the computer. I actually feel like I am creative on a computer. This was a huge discovery for me.
            I continue visiting fabric stores to see quilting, and discover jelly rolls. They fascinate me. I think I can hand sew a quilt at least, and purchase a couple. But hand sewing just takes too long. And my seams are not consistent. So I set the simple rail fence idea aside. I didn’t know it was called a rail fence, I just figured out the pattern. I saw quilt books and pattern books, but my struggles with patterns in homeec keep me from looking at them.
            Finally, after about 40 years of looking at quilts, I do watch some videos and discover Jenny. She made this look easy, and I really want to try. I like a shortcut, and Jenny was full of them. The videos give me instructions in context and I now understand “wrong side” and “ease”. A dear friend tells me sewing machines are now computerized. Since I am so familiar with computers, my fear eases a bit. The drop in bobbin really surprises me. I take the plunge and buy an inexpensive Brother machine and 4 charm packs and a jelly roll.
            I learn piecing from a Jenny, Pinterest and you all. My lifetime investment in quilt looking really helps in understanding of block construction. I am way older than 12 now, and understand mistakes are how I learn. I have made many quilts in the last 5 years or so. Just this fall, with videos, I learned how to put in a zipper, and have made a few pieces of clothing for a baby. So maybe I will find that unfinished skirt from many years ago in homeec and finish it!


              Re: What is your Quilting Testimony?

              I grew up on a farm and in a large family of aunts, uncles and cousins. A grand mother who quilted, but didn't share her secrets still sticks in my mind as she never wanted any of her g/kids touching her fabric. There were quilting bee's and home made quilting frames for hand quilting that My mother made. I was more interested in how to make the frames and wood working items than fabrics and piecing blocks together.

              I loved sewing with the treadle machine.. it was mechanical and challenging. I made my first apron and skirt on it. I gave up on zippers early on. FAST FORWARD to adulthood: A new, machine for Christmas from my late hubby and beautiful, sparkly fabrics. I made Halloween costumes and fancy dresses/vests and slacks. No, not even interested in quilting. That was Gram and Mom 's sewing. I had to do the "fun", "fancy" stuff.

              2nd marriage after all the kids had grown and left the nest. Living on a farm and Caring for an aging mother who needed some hand crafts to keep her engaged and occupied brought out the embroidery hoops, needle and thread. What to do with all her handiwork?? A quilt?? Yes, my oldest DD wanted all of them to put into a quilt. So I handed them over. And I happily got back to my crocheting and knitting.

              It was 2005 when Mother passed and I came to live with DD#2 that the quilting bug finally caught up with me.. I'm in my 60's and got lots of time on my hands. Watching "create tv" I tried painting with Bob Ross, cooking with Martha Stewart, and quilting with Fons & Porter ....that last one hit that soft spot in my heart. Grams many quilts that she wouldn't teach me how to make!! That I wasn't allowed to touch!! And that she never left one to me!! Well, I'll make my there.

              And I am... a traditional quilter with traditional blocks that I remember My Gram made... and I'm loving every phase of making my quilts.. Love the challenge of taking Orphan Blocks and giving them a home with the Abuse Center clients. Going to quilt shows, shopping in new fabric stores and meeting all these wonderful people who share my passion for quilts. Love It All!!

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