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    I was creating patterns in grade school, but didn't really realize it. We had a box full of balsa wood squares, triangles, you name it, which were colored. I just loved it. Actually found one about 20 years ago made out of a foam core product. It was for my kids, but guess where it is now? In my sewing studio. I am a technology person so the quilt programs out there, obviously are much more fun to play with, but every now and then, the old box gets opened just for giggles.
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      I'm with you! I am really averse to purchasing and, like you, enjoy the challenge of figuring it out.

      Quilter's Rules:
      #1 Buy fabric - no matter how much you already have.
      #2 Sew all day and all night - no cooking allowed.
      #3 Start a new quilt before the last one is finished - must return to #1.


        I haven't done it, but was thinking of taking a photo of DGD to a print shop and have it enlarged in black and white on paper so I can grid it and try to quilt a picture of her with one inch pieces. Not sure if that will work, but I think it may be worth a try. But first, I need to get other projects completed.


          I have had some luck with counted cross stitch patterns and 1 inch squares.
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            I am an Emergency Department Nurse from Arizona.

            I am seeking advice, ideas and help from people in the sewing and quilting communities.

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            Could your large network of individuals apply their talents and skills toward providing us with masks?

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