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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Our big news of the day is that it's snowing and our patio is turning into an ice rink again....April 14th. I was up for a while in the night and heard sleet and high wind. This is the storm that has been inching toward us for days.

    Snow2.jpg Snow1.jpg

    We put in a long but good day at the apartments yesterday. The Girls behaved really well and we finished up the work on our two vacancies. Two new tenants will take over on the 27th. When we came home Jeff was walking Sugar and she slipped her collar and ran off into the woods. She headed toward our neighbors up the road so I gave them a call to be on the alert. A few minutes later Uncle Steve came down the road with Little Miss in tow. She loves Steve and probably just wanted to go say Hi.

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I plan to squeeze in some sewing today so I can get the wedding quilt to my new quilter.

    Blessings Everyone.....
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    Scottie Mom Barb


    Good morning Barb and all to follow. Wow, this is a year for the weather, isn't it. We were fortunate to miss the bad storms that were predicted for yesterday, so I was able to finish the yard work. Today is a bit chilly, but the sun is out to warm things up. The neighborhood Easter egg hunt is this afternoon, so DD and her family are coming over for lunch. I put some eggs out in the yard so DGD can get some practice before going to the hunt. As for sewing, Jack the ripper and I have been friends ripping out the border as my tension on the back needs some help.



      Happy Sunday!

      It's a rainy day here in NE Ohio, we're supposed to get thunderstorms this afternoon. Which means Mom's roof will probably leak. I think I finally found a roofer, though! I really liked the guy who came out yesterday, he explained what the issues were and how they could be fixed. Mom's roof has a shallow pitch, which means traditional asphalt shingles are not the way to go. This is not new information. The last roofer used shingles that weren't made for a roof as flat as hers, hence all the problems. The new roofer suggested a commercial product used on flat roofs. I haven't seen a price yet, I'm hoping it is reasonable.

      Has anyone seen the new pieced table runner series from Shabby Fabrics? My kitchen table is round, so no runners for me, but I really liked the appliqué on the ends of the May project. Such a cute flower basket! I want to make it as a small wallhanging. I was surprised it was available as a free download.

      Time for another cup of tea and trip to the grocery store. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



        Good morning all. It's a nice one here right now although it was pretty foggy at 7 this morning. There certainly is some crazy weather across the country. We are expecting rain on and off for a good part of the week but no snow. I think we might take a ride down to the beach and have a little walk on the boardwalk since the rest of the week may not provide an opportunity for that.

        We were in Brooklyn yesterday for our great-nephews' 1st birthday party. It was fun to see everyone and the magician they had for the kids was great.

        Barb, sorry Sugar decided to take off on her own yesterday. I'm glad your neighbor was able to corral her and bring her home. Karen, hopefully you and "Jack" won't need to spend too much more time together. Julie, I hope you are able to get the roof taken care of at a reasonable price. We had a flat roof on the house in Brooklyn and know the issues that come with that.

        Be safe out there all of you dealing with slippery, wet conditions. Maybe just stay inside and sew. . Have a good day whatever you decide to do.
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        Ginny B



          Morning all,

          Barb, can't believe your weather, definitely a crazy year!

          Well I finally feel I may be turning the corner. These past two weeks have been very hard on me health wise and I've been quite sick. Yesterday added another problem with a emergent visit to an eye Dr. to check I didn't have a tear in my retina. Three hours later and many pictures of my eye I was relieved to hear no damage. Getting old gracefully is sometimes difficult.

          Weather here looks to be somewhat sunny today, not sure what's on my agenda for today. I did receive a layer cake I ordered and hope to get it up to the sewing room and do a bit of sewing.

          Wishing everyone a good day!
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            Re: SUNDAY GREETINGS

            Love the table runner! Thanks!


              Re: SUNDAY GREETINGS

              Good afternoon all.

              Sunday School this morning Alan shared pictures and insights from his trip to Italy and Greece.

              We're expecting rain this afternoon, after hitting the low 90s this afternoon. It will all depend on how much sunshine we end up with.

              Have a great afternoon. I really miss being in my sewing room!
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                Re: SUNDAY GREETINGS

                Good Afternoon ~ Popped in at 6 a.m., but didn't have time to linger, so I'm just now getting here. Church this a.m., with a stop at Vit. Cot. on the way home to pick up a case of soy milk I'd ordered. I found some decent avocados. Some of the recent ones I bought at another store ended up being bruised with some spoilage. I think they get handled too roughly by too many folks.

                After lunch I settled in the recliner with a cup of coffee & worked on my Bible study lesson. Now I'm going to head to the sewing room. I hope to finish FMQ the border on that mini quilt.

                We had 34 deg. with a heavy frost this a.m. Now it's sunny & 76 deg. Lovely day.


                  Re: SUNDAY GREETINGS

                  Good evening,
                  Yesterday was perfect for shopping in small village. I visited 2 cards for the shop hop. It's a picture perfect village. One of the store owners was telling us that they are filming another Hallmark movie in a few weeks. My GF was an extra on a set there a few weeks. I did a big splurge yesterday. When I was there in January, I saw a set of Minton bone china dishes. They were pricey, but I never stopped dreaming of them. Then the price was dropped yesterday. With my GFs encouragement, I made them an offer. They got back to me after they reached the owner, and the dishes came home with me. DH was, maybe shocked,, but loved them. They were in pristine condition, over 60-70 years old. I cannot wait to entertain with them. Of course, I won't be pulling these out for family meals until the GKs are at least 10yrs of age.

                  Today we went for brunch at a sugar bush with friends. Everything maple syrup. I bought some mini sugar pies for dessert for Easter meal. It was a beautiful day, colder than yesterday, but no snow. When we got home, I took down the xmas lights in the back, side and front yard. I was able to get around the remaining snow. DH will have to use a ladder to get the lights off the 2 blue spruce, over 30'.

                  Itching to get sewing, but I have service appointment for car tomorrow and to get winter tires removed.

                  Good evening.

                  Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                  Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.