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Babylock Ellageo ESg3....

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    Babylock Ellageo ESg3....

    Does anyone have a Babylock Ellageo ESg3 by chance? I am new to it. I've seen posts elsewhere with people mentioning updates but I cannot find them. I am having trouble with some .pes files loading. I am trying to make quilts for Christmas...
    Thank you for any/all suggestions!!

    Re: Babylock Ellageo ESg3....

    I have a Babylock Ellageo Plus, and in the past, I had a Babylock Ellure Plus. I also had problems loading files -- especially on the Ellure Plus, not as much now with the Ellageo. Anyway, I finally called Babylock customer service. They told me that it is not only the size (4 x 4, 5 x 7, etc), but also the number of stitches a design has. If the size is right, but there are too many stitches, the design will not load. Don't know if this will help or not.



      Re: Babylock Ellageo ESg3....

      The web-site doesn't show a "3" model. At least, I didn't see one.

      Here is where you find the updates. Check your machine to see what version your machine is using now. Download the update to a USB. Follow each step exactly as shown in the instructions.

      Again suggest to check the stitch count of the design and the size of the design to make sure they are compatible with your machine.

      Are you using a USB to transfer designs? Check the machine specs in the reference chart (linked above) to make sure the USB is one that your machine can read. Don't overload the USB with too many designs. I generally, only put one or two on the USB and then erase when done stitching.

      What error do you get when trying to transfer designs?

      Make sure the designs are not in a folder on the USB. You want to transfer one design onto the USB and not a folder of designs.

      Hope that helps. Please ask if you need more help.


        Re: Babylock Ellageo ESg3....

        Rhonda K you are always so helpful when it comes to embroidery. You are amazing!
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          Re: Babylock Ellageo ESg3....

          Thank you Carlie!

          You made my day. I struggled with machine EMB. Thankful that I have great support from our LQS and learned a few tips along the way on my journey. Happy to share with others and help. Thank you.


            Re: Babylock Ellageo ESg3....

            Thank you! I didn’t know about the stitch size. I did learn the machine reads .dst files too. That solved the problem for the last pattern. Now it’s breaking needles. Ugh!
            My machine is the one before the Ellageo plus. It’s pretty old and apparently has its quirks. I suppose I do too.
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              Re: Babylock Ellageo ESg3....

              What type of project are you doing? What kind of stabilizer? Try a Microtex 80/12. It really does make a difference in the type of needle depending on the project.

              Lots of tips here with good information for machine EMB. Scroll down as there is one on needles that may help. Good luck!