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    Designing software


    I'm new to quilting and would like to design my own creation. I don't know what the best software to use for this. I'd like to import photos but also draw shapes which will eventually be turned into a quilt. Is QuiltPro or ElectricQuilt the best option? What about any of the design software that Adobe offers such as Illustrator?



    Re: Designing software

    There is a website where you can do it for free!
    Blogging ahead.....research in quilting and sewing with a dab of cooking/recipes too.


      Re: Designing software

      I have Electric Quilt and have had it for years so I have upgraded a few times. I used it a lot in the early years but not so much lately. I still make up my own designs, I just am doing more on the design wall as I go rather than planning it all first. I am sure that I don't use it to the max, I don' know how to use some of the features in the latest edition but that is on me since I have not the tutorials that come with it.


        Re: Designing software

        This is amazing! Thanks soooo much for posting this!!

        While my sister is spending time with me and actually is learning things that she didn't know about quilting (She has been coming to visit me 2-3 times per week to see how I am doing and to discuss what kind of things we both want to do as far as sewing/quilting and she is going to also teach me how to read a knitting pattern. I am one of these gals that because I can't read Knitting or Crochetting patterns, if you SHOW me how to make something, I can jot the directions down so I remember how it was done and pretty much make what my sister makes...only she reads the pattern!!) I did ask my LIL' sis to teach me how to make mittens and she got quiet and said " Well, I don't make mittens or gloves. It's cheaper to BUY them Sugar." To that I said " That might be but don't you want to learn to make mittens or gloves for all the new grandkids you are having? Of course she said she would like to do that,
        Soooo...I called my MIL (my late DH Terry's mom is 92 yrs old and the most amazing knitter I have ever seen. My MIL learned to knit back in 1948-49 when she was working at a psychiatric hospital during her nurses training and my MIL was assigned to this patient and my MIL said that this patient taught her to knit in the 6-8 weeks time. I am in awe when I remember some of the awesome sweaters she has made over the years! I wish I had paid more attention to my MIL's knitting skills early on.
        (well, I can't do that either!) and she agreed to get together with my two sisters and each one of us will also be bring a friend who wants to learn to knit mittens as well.) We will be meeting with other knitters starting this Monday at church. My MIL has done this previously and she is such an amazing teacher and of course I love learning NEW things from her.
        The only thing my MIL can't make is tatted lace! (well, I can't do that either!)
        My DH's Grandma (my MIL's mother) made tatted lace. I have some of the most beautiful pillowcases and dresser scarves edged in Tatted Lace....the carves are gorgeous!
        So, let's see if she can teach me how to make mittens???
        She has (in the past) taught me how to make scarfs and several years ago, she taught me how to make several crocheted baby blankets.
        Take care of everyone. I am getting a little better each and every day, although I am still pretty tried. (love taking a late afternoon nap even though it messes up my sleep at night (this is the reason I am up right now and it's 3:45 am here in Michigan)

        BTW.....I didn't proof read this note!
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          Re: Designing software

          Hi Wildernessquilter!
          I red, you spoke about the EQ 8 for a loooong time ago. I have a question for you: when you finished the quiltdesigner, the program give you all the cut informations you need to do the quiltassembly? Is it difficult to understand, how it works for someone who doesn't speak English? I'm thinking about buying the Programm and... I would like to listen to what you think about it.

          Thank you very much!

          Swiss kisses,