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    Stash Building

    As a beginner quilter, I am building up my stash (boy is this addicting lol!) with pre-cut fabrics that I love, but don't necessarily have plans for yet. Does it make sense to stash build with 10" squares instead of 5" squares. Since I can cut down the 5" squares fairly easily if my pattern calls for it. Or, would you suggest a different pre-cut pack size?
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    Re: Stash Building

    When I started quilting a few years ago, I bought many 10", 5" and 2 1/2" strips. I find the 10" a better purchase as they can be cut down to 5" squares as well as into strips. I have used the layer cakes and jelly rolls the most, and I really have to look for patterns to use my 5" squares. Most of them I have not used yet as I seek out coordinating fabrics. I find I don't purchase as many precuts.

    I guess it depends on the size of quilt that you will want to make. A layer cake is a decent size, whereas you need many 5" to make something larger than a baby quilt.

    In recent years, I prefer to buy fat quarter bundles, as i am not limited In what I want to make.

    Enjoy the stash building. This is just as much fun as quilting, but don't get too wrapped up in collecting, as fabrics can become dated just like fashion / house decor, and your taste may change over time.

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      Re: Stash Building

      If you buy yardage for a project, buy extra, so you can use it for future projects. I also like fat qtrs. since they are so versatile. But watch your prices. Multiply the price of a FQ x 4 to see what the price/yd. would be. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy yardage. The previous owner of our LQS had an "orphan corner" where she sold FQ from ends of bolts for only $1. I bought a lot of those. At that price, it's cost effective to use them for practice sandwiches for FMQ. I have a selection of all sizes of pre-cuts in my stash. I do not buy the 2.5" mini charms. Have fun with your new addiction!


        Re: Stash Building

        When I started building my stash I purchased yardage.
        I have never in 50 years of Quilting purchased precuts.
        I watch for sales and purchase 1 yard cuts.
        This includes prints as well as Kona solids.
        You can get many cuts/sizes, I mostly cut strips.
        I keep in mind what colors I have or haven’t.
        I love scrappy quilts and usually piece large lap
        size quilts. Have fun building your stash but don’t
        buy more than can what you can use up
        in several years. Newbies can over buy without
        being fully committed to Quilting yet.
        And end up with fabric/supplies when you
        move on to something else.


          Re: Stash Building

          I've really never understood the whole "stash building" thing. I'v always found it simpler and more economical to buy fabric as needed for THAT project. My "stash" such as it is, consists of the leftover from those projects, and I make a scrap quilt when I have enough that works together. Having several hundred dollars, or MORE invested in fabric to just sit there and look pretty hurts my frugal heart. I also don't buy precuts. I find them too restricting.
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            Re: Stash Building

            I started buying what I needed for one project. I would buy more yardage as needed. For example, if I wanted to make a binding star quilt, I'd buy the jelly roll, and yardage for the back ground fabric, borders, etc. I'd buy extra of the yardage.

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              Re: Stash Building

              My stash began by being frugal - I didn't want to pay full price for it when I had a project in mind, so I bargain shop and built up a stash of almost entirely clearance and discounted fabrics. I have so many options now that I can "shop my stash" to work on something day or night and without having to wait for an order to arrive or shop around locally hoping what I want is in stock.

              I do love 10" squares a lot more than 5" - because like you said, if I want them smaller I can always cut them up and it is nearly impossible to make anything larger than lap/baby quilts with just one charm pack so by buying a layer cake I have 4 sets of charms or 4 @ 10" strips if I need them. I love precuts for the array of coordinating fabrics and not for the fact that they have already been cut.


                Re: Stash Building

                If you start quilting the stash happens, you can't help it. All that pretty fabric just follows you home.

                I agree about buying layer cakes or jelly rolls rather than charms, it just make more sense and I often buy a yard of one of the fabrics in the group for either borders or binding.

                I have bought fabric at yard/estate sales and from our guild white elephant sale.
                I agree about usually buying fabric on sale, another sensible thing to do.