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  • class reunion quilt

    Our 40th class reunion-yes, DH and I were class sweethearts-planning meeting was last night and I was asked to make a quilt for the door prize drawing or raffle drawing, yet to be determined which one. We were thinking something class related, colors were red/white, mascot was papermaker or wasp. I do not want to spend a lot on this but want it to be attractive to a large variety of people. One person suggested class pictures but I do not feel this would work because too many classmates would be left out. Have any of you made something similar? Would you mind sharing a photo? I have until Sept. so I have plenty of time for planning and execution of the project.

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    Re: class reunion quilt

    Wow what a great idea! I'm interested in seeing what people come up with too.

    Maybe pictures of the teachers? There would probably be less of them. Or if football was big maybe class colors, group pics of the team, coach, color guard, cheerleaders. Perhaps could include other sports too with group pics, i.e. basket ball team, football, wrestling and maybe even with the girls sports included.

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      Re: class reunion quilt

      What about a friendship/signature quilt? People can sign it as they enter, and the names of those who have passed or cannot attend can also be included. You could section it for favorite teachers, championship teams or other clubs, use school colors.......I know both Eleanor Burns and Georgia Bonsteel published patterns.
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        Re: class reunion quilt

        The signature quilt would be great - have the invitation people include an 8 in square of white cloth to sign and return with their RSVP.
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          Re: class reunion quilt

          Perhaps a photo of the school building as it appeared 40 years ago? Alternatively, a center medallion featuring the school's logo or the mascot.

          The only problem with the signature block thing is that you probably won't have time to sew them all together and finish the quilt. Would it be possible to have attendees sign the completed quilt at the reunion?


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            Re: class reunion quilt

            I searched High School reunion quilts on Pinterest and this came up. I like some of the other ideas suggested here already, but this could be your Plan B if the signature idea falls through.


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              Re: class reunion quilt

              A friend of mine just did a quilt for their class reunion that was raffled off. The money went to Heart and Cancer Foundations and our local Pocket Park. The pictures that she used were from their senior pictures. It turned out really neat. One of the local ladies helped to do the design. The way that they did the quilt, it ended up being a panel but unless you knew that, you would have no idea. I thought that she had pieced all of the pictures together.