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Thursday Greetings

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    Thursday Greetings

    Good Morning Everyone...Surely someone else is typing our morning thread at the same time I am.

    The Midwest is having one of the worst storms in history...severe fog, torrential rain, hail, ice, tornadoes and flooding all at the same time. The area you live is determines what will hit the hardest. We had heavy rain, thunder and hail all night. We heard the tornado sirens off and on all night. The Girls were skittish and Dottie got under the covers with us, which rarely happens. All of the water we got last night is supposed to freeze this afternoon and power lines are expected to go down. Jeff may have to spend the night at work. We need prayer....

    Be sure to watch the tour of the MSQC quilting warehouse on YouTube. It's very informative and interesting. I know I learned a lot.

    I hope Monique and Les are on the beach enjoying the sunshine.

    Take care everyone and have a great Thursday.....

    Scottie Mom Barb

    Re: Thursday Greetings

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Oooh, Barb, what bad weather you're having. May God protect Jeff (& you!) in the inclement weather. Feb. seems a strange time of the year to be having tornados. We got snow yest. By the time it finished last eve., we had close to 5". The paper reported 2.4", but there definitely was more at our house. Our snow angel came by ~7 p.m. on his way home from work to shovel. He wasn't prepared for 10 deg. temps. He wasn't wearing a hat, so I loaned him DH's stocking cap. And he was wearing his dress shoes. Bless him for all he does for us.

    It's 0 deg. on our thermometer, colder per the web. Wind chill is sub-zero. Brrr. It's a good day to stay inside. Too bad I can't be sewing. Maybe I'll make a start on the taxes. Never a job I like, but a necessity.

    Well, DH is ready for his breakfast, so no more time now.


      Re: Thursday Greetings

      Oh Bless you both in the weather category and all others. We are a little overcast but is suppose to reach 70 today and thenthe temps will plummet for the rest of the weekend. I will take advantage of the warmth in the yard work this day and then probably do some sewing over the weekend. I have been slowly making progress on piecing a quilt but I'm just not going to get in a hurry. I've got plenty of time.
      I keep trying to lose the same 5 lbs over and over. I get two off and then I quit. I like to eat and I'm just not getting enough exercise and my will power says, "hey, whose looking, I'm old, what will it hurt. " Then I see myself in the mirror and remember that I'm looking and I don't like what I see.
      Vanity is my sin
      Hope the weather lets up for all of you in the Midwest and the rest of the country
      My phone company (cell) is Republic Wireless which is only on the internet. It was the only company that could get me a signal on the way into town so I would feel safe. It stopped picking up signal about two months ago in that dead zone. So I finally opened up a help ticket with them by email and let me tell you, those folks have been troopers. They have sent me one message after another with suggestions for me to try. DH and I have identical phones and his still picks up the signal. So, yesterday, they decided that my antennae has gotten week, DH still has a strong one, and they told me that the phone is just worn out. I would need another. They offered me $50 off. The catch is that I am grandfathered in with a $10 a month plan and if I do anything to change my service (including buying a new phone) my plan goes to $15 a month. I told them this was my dilemma and the next email sympathized with me and offered me a refurbished phone for free but my plan would still go up. Anyway, I thought this was very kind of them and I accepted their offer. If the refurbished phone works great , I win, if it doesn't and I have to order a new phone, no loss. (BTW, with my service, I have to order my phone from them because they do something to the phone to optimize its chip so it can pick up the towers)'
      Anyway, its good to know that their are still people out there who go the extra mile
      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


        Re: Thursday Greetings

        Good Morning to all,
        Here in PA we're enjoying some milder temps and I'm not going to complain about the mud. We have two seasons here; cold mud and warm mud. Yesterday I stopped by the dentist to request an appointment for a bothersome tooth, but they got me in for an x-ray and a consult with the dentist. The tooth had a root canal over a year ago so I shouldn't have any problems so they were concerned. Long story short, it looks like the tooth is fractured but no way to tell for sure. I have antibiotics just in case it's brewing an infection or it's the tail end of a URI affecting my sinus. I'll give it a week but I'm pretty sure I'll lose the tooth. I've had ongoing problems with it since a not too gentle emergency intubation four years ago and I'm so tired of throwing money at it.
        After that though, I was able to get my latest UFO (this is #4) for the year sandwiched and basted and ready to quilt. It's on the larger size for me to do at 80 x 80. It's for a friend who was diagnosed with recurrent breast cancer after thirty years. I don't know if I'll get it started today because I have zero motivation. I may just spend the day with the machine manual and relearn some things I've forgotten and sip at something warm.
        Today is our visit with the tax people and I don't know whether to be excited or scared. I don't know what tax changes will affect us. My fingers are crossed. I hope you all have a good enjoyable day!


          Re: Thursday Greetings

          Good morning,

          Barb, I would be frightened as well. That is some wicked weather, and I'm hoping that everyone has their emergency kits ready and replenished in the event of power loss. We have been getting freezing rain again but not as bad as the rest of the province. I saw that flights were cancelled from Toronto yesterday. Luckily Monique left Tuesday from here and has been enjoying margaritas on the beach.

          With this weather, I've been staying indoors. Mom calls and asks if I i am coming everyday. I told her that Elaine, caregiver, is my replacement as I can't be there all the time. I do talk to her once or twice a day. I don't have anything to share with her if I'm not doing anything else.

          I have started organizing projects to bring to the retreat at the end of February. The fabrics for Kindred Pinwheel are cut and a sample block are done. I will like this one. I don't think I want to add coloured sashing and cornerstones, but will just make in white like background, as they would appear to float.

          image.jpg image.jpg

          I am relieved that I did the bagful of mending yesterday. I even made the alterations of my daughter's tops. One of them was really fine fabric, and I spent over 2hrs unstitching and taking in. She is so slim, I have to take in XS. She wears size 0, back to her pre-3 kids pregnancies. Oh, I remember those days, but then I hit my 40s. I really hate doing this, but I know I'm helping with all that she does.

          Enjoy your day. I know I will as I go play with fabric today. Stay warm. Stay dry and be safe. Be prepared.

          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


            Re: Thursday Greetings

            Good Morning All,

            Just heard a news flash there's been a wreck with fatalities on the Buckman Bridge this morning, that's on the other side of Jax from us but a horrible way to start the day for someone's family.

            It's still winter, and the weather sure has been frightful around the country. We've had a couple of days of false spring, but the temps and such are supposed to be dropping back down to average this weekend.

            I worked on hexie flowers yesterday after Jonathan went over to Nana and Nandy's. Tomorrow, I don't think there are going to be any kids here so I'm planning on working on organizing all of the tax papers that have come in so far. Hopefully, I'll be able to figure out what's left to come in so I can make my appointment to get the taxes done. I have one donation that I made that the receipt came back with Howard's name listed as the donator, wonder how that will fly since it was after he passed.

            I'm sitting here watching the squirrel on top of the bird feeder brick. The wind is twisting him from side to side, lol, and his tail is where the birds would like to be sitting. I guess I should run him off since he isn't even eating, just sunning himself.

            Prayers for those in need for healing, strength, comfort, wisdom, and hope. Prayers for for safety for those in Mother Nature's path. and prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
            ― Maya Angelou


              Re: Thursday Greetings

              Good morning, I finally found the daily thread . I looked on Chit chatand did not see it. It is foggy here this am. I am off to TradervJoes to buy my frozen oatmeal. It takes 3 1/2 min. To make it n the microwave. I then have a dermatology appt. I get Botox for my hydrosis. I hope to sew more on my braid quilt.

              Have a good day


                Re: Thursday Greetings

                My goodness, who made Mother Nature Mad? It sure isn't safe out there and the cold just doesn't want to give in to warmer temps.

                I was in a very reflective mood yesterday as I cleaned the kitchen and Oven.. For lack of storage, we keep our cast iron skillets in the oven- WHY?? "Those skillets don't get ruined if someone forgets to remove them when they preheat the oven."

                My light bulb moment came as I lifted a stack of two...Man those were heavy. "Ah, ha. That is why my gram stayed in great shape. She lifted iron 3 times a day, everyday of her life!!!

                I can't help but think women used to get a lot more exercise just cooking and cleaning back in the day .

                Click HERE to find me and My imagination


                  Re: Thursday Greetings

                  Wow. I miss everything. Where my daughter lives they had thunder snow and the thunder was shaking the house.

                  Hunker down.


                    Re: Thursday Greetings

                    Good morning to all......

                    I’m late getting here......decided to run all my errands earlier......the weather guys are predicting the worst weather......

                    Barb, such a fright......I’ll keep you both in my well as many in the path of another storm....

                    Still didn’t get any sewing done yesterday. I decided it would be a good square up 200 4-patches. So now I’m done with that. Need to clean house, in case we lose power. Can’t run a vacuum without it.......on second thought, not a bad idea.....

                    Stay safe, warm and happy. Wishing lots of blessings to all. Love and hugs!
                    💫 Star lover


                      Re: Thursday Greetings

                      Buddy, I'm sorry you're having such bad weather :-( I hate it when you really don't know whats going on with it.

                      Our weather has been nice for quite a few days now. We do have the potential for thunderstorms this afternoon with the temps going down again. I'm in the process for airing out the house at the moment. We'll have about two cold days and then it says it's going up to the 40's during the day. I'll take that. We think the furnace is finally ok. They put a new motherboard in and the landlord stitched electricians. With things all confused around here I took the time to reinstall a new linux system on my other computer and even got it to be able to now watch Netflix and Amazon from it. So I have an upstairs and downstairs computer now for convenience. I've also rearranged several rooms and I'm pretty much done with that. I tend to leverage furniture with my leg when I move it around, which isn't often. Well I remembered why I shouldn't because now my knee cap is out of wack :-/. It will take a few days for that to get back on track.

                      I got back to the sewing machine this morning and working to complete the medium sized project I had been working on last week.

                      Hope you all stay safe with this crazy weather!
                      Women are Angels. When someone break's our wings we will continue to fly-usually on a broomstick.We're flexible like that.


                        Re: Thursday Greetings

                        Good afternoon. It is a very slow start to the day around here. We had went to church last night but they had cancelled it as we were driving there due to ice. This turned out to be a very good thing because when we came home, I put little one in the high chair to eat a carrot then a banana. Just as he finished, he threw up everywhere. Cleaned up what we could while he was in the high chair, then he had a bath and I put all the clothes and high chair stuff in the washer. He has also developed a fever. I kept him with me last night so if he became sick during the night, I would easily hear him. I think he has taken the stomach bug that is going around which makes me wonder if his having a hard time going to sleep on Tuesday night was due to not feeling good. The good news is that this is suppose to be only a 24 hour bug. The bad news is I developed a horrid migraine during the night and have not been able to sleep it off. Makes me wonder if between the weather and possibly getting ill if that is why my head hurts so bad.

                        I have two quilts in the design process right now. The first one is a charity quilt for the university ag program that is in the process of checking regulations with the NCAA to determine if what I want to do is allowed under their rules. The other quilt is one that a friend of mine wants made for her daughter's graduation which is not until 2020. But she found the exact fabric that she want to use so best get it done while the fabric is available.

                        The weather cancelled the workshop that I was doing tonight. The library is not even open at where it was suppose to be held. The way I feel and the conditions of the road, I am glad it is cancelled.

                        My current plan is to go back to bed and have my head start feeling better. Then hopefully, the children and I will get to continue the game of Mexican train we have been playing with the dominoes.

                        Have a wonderful and safe Thursday everyone


                          Re: Thursday Greetings

                          My joy of having a cleaned up tidy sewing room is NOT happening any time soon. The more I do the less progress I make. Made matters worse by getting off track & playing with some combos of fabrics for future quilts. Sigh. Then my DH tells me it's 75 degrees outside & sunny. Sigh, again. It won't be that temp. for very's still winter, Gina. Sigh. I'm thinking I should just fill a couple of storage bins of ??? stuff & at least I'll have a tidier room. But that's what I wanted to avoid. I feel I'm building a sand castle with dry sand.

                          Hey let's just get everyone in a bus caravan & go way south for the rest of the winter.! Maybe that'll make all of us that are having health problems feel better for a while.

                          Stay warm, stay safe & pray for all that need a little extra.



                            Re: Thursday Greetings

                            Aloha Barbara in Pennsylvania, Cold mud, warm mud you got my heart all aflutter. Since I am a potter I would be out there digging that mud into a bucket and start processing it to see if it would be good for wheel throwing to make something beautiful. Sure hope the tooth thing works out with no pain. Working on the quilt is a great idea for your friend, prayers for her.

                            All you people in the freezing zone stay warm and safe.
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