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    scant 1/4 question

    Good morning all,
    If you sew on a Baby Lock Aria machine, would you please tell me which foot you use and the settings for width and
    length you have found to be best. I go back and forth between "J" foot and setting of needle on 65, or the "1/4" foot and a needle setting of 4. I need a "Goldie Locks" setting that is "just right". Thank you so much for your help...

    Re: scant 1/4 question

    I use the Crescendo, I believe that is Arias big sister. I have found for me using the 1/4" foot with the guide on and a click to the right to a 4.0 gives me a good 1/4" seam but if I push it one more click right 4.5 I get a nice scant 1/4" which is what I use most often. Be sure you check that the needle will not hit that foot-I turn the needle by hand to check this. I also use a 2.0 stitch length for piecing. Hope this helps!

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      Re: scant 1/4 question

      The perfect scant inch changes depending on the thread and the fabric you are using. The purpose of the scant 1/4 is to accommodate the width of the thread and the fabric after it is pressed open. So if you are using a thicker fabric, like a flannel, you will need to change your needle settings.

      The way to test is to cut and sew together two 2.5" strips of fabric and them press them open. They should measure exactly 4.5". If not, move your needle one setting, sew, press, and measure.
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        Re: scant 1/4 question

        I am on a Brother NQ which is the rebranded version of that Babylock line.

        I use pretty much the same feet and settings that you're using. I like the foot with the guide when everything has a straight edge that can but up against it, but I absolutely can't stand using the 1/4" foot when any bit of a dog ear or seam will need to run under the guide. I know that 3.5 where the machine starts up is the centered 1/4", so I always take that one hop to the right to make it a scant.

        The only thing I don't like about the 1/4" foot with guide is that if I'm coming up to a 45* angled seam pressed away from me on top, the left corner of the foot always tries to catch under it, so I constantly have to stop, push the fabric under, then keep going.

        I also tend to use the J foot if I'm sewing blocks or rows together and need to see intersections of other seams to make sure I can adjust to save my points.


          Re: scant 1/4 question

          I don't like to use my 1/4" foot either, because it seems threads are always getting caught on it while I'm sewing along.


            Re: scant 1/4 question

            Some great info here for sure! I always seem to have trouble getting a consistent seam allowance and it drives me nuts. I have a Baby Lock Unity and I use the 1/4 foot, and I always use Aurofil 50 wt thread because it just looks better for my machine. I've seen where some people stick a credit card or some other such guide on the throat place just to have something to butt the fabric up to at the same place every seam. Does anyone else do something like this? I've been quilting for over 5 years, and this issue still haunts me!


              Re: scant 1/4 question

              Are you using the Babylock 1/4" foot? I can't use the generic 1/4" foot because it makes my seam wonky. But the Babylock 1/4" foot gives me a perfect seam every time.


                Re: scant 1/4 question

                I'm not sure what " setting of needle on 65" means but here are the settings I use on Crescendo and on the Dream machine.

                The foot I use is BLSO-QGF which is a 1/4 inch with guide. It no longer shows on the BL site though. I'm not sure if local dealers can still order it.

                Stitch setting is 1-03 which is a center needle position. Width = 3.5 Length + 2.5. This gives me a consistent 1/4 inch seam line keeping the center needle position. My machine has a laser light so it shows where the seam line will be on piecing.

                The right side of fabric runs right under the black guide or sometimes I run the fabric right next to it very close.

                This also works for the Dream machine too.

                I use the Left/Right shift function to move the needle if needed. The Stitch Width is kept on 3.5 and not changed.

                This might be a different method but it works for me to stitch that elusive 1/4 inch seam!

                You can also program your machine and then save the settings in one of the machine pockets so you can easily use it the next time.

                I labeled my machine with an applique stitch that I use all the time. It's right there for me.

                For 3/8" seam which I use for binding the settings for the sweet spot are the same as above EXCEPT L/R Shift. That is set at (negative) -3.0.

                Just shy of 3/8 inch is set at (negative) -2.75 on the L/R shift.

                Remember if you use a 3/8 inch setting when attaching binding to the quilt, you need to stop stitching at 3/8 inch from each corner also. The corners will form the perfect 45 degrees or close to it.

                I suggest marking a piece of fabric and stitching the seam line. I use red thread. Write on the fabric the machine settings and keep close by machine or in a small notebook for reference.

                You may need to check your preferences page to see if the Width Control = OFF. To use the button as a speed control it needs to be in the OFF position.

                The slide button on front of some machines can function as either a Speed Control or a Width Control . It toggles ON/OFF.
                Just an FYI that I found on the Dream. I don't know if your machine has this feature or not.

                There is a wealth of features on the preference pages on these machines.

                Good luck with the settings and I hoped the above information helps you. Rhonda K.


                  Re: scant 1/4 question

                  Thank you so much for your help. To answer your questions: yes, I use 50 Aurifil and my 1/4 foot is the Babylock brand without the
                  guide. I have a Babylock guide but it feels flexible moving about while the fabric is next to it. When I asked the Babylock dealer about it he said the guide is just that...the fabric should be next to the guide not actually pushing against it. Drove me nuts so I have been using the other foot, which I actually like very much. I agree with several of you that a test square is the best thing to do often.
                  Again, I appreciate the time you took to answer me.