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Users of Brother Innovis VQ3000 or similar machine

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    Users of Brother Innovis VQ3000 or similar machine

    I just got my machine two weeks ago, so there is lots of practicing to be done. But I seem to be having a hard time finding my sweet spot for my 1/4 inch. Would you share with me which foot you use, and where you place the needle on your machine? Do you use the laser light, and where do you put the line? Do you use any other seam guides? Just looking to see what works best for others. Thanks for your input!!

    Re: Users of Brother Innovis VQ3000 or similar machine

    I have the innovis without the laser light and generally line up with the 1/4 inch line on the plate and that works for me IF I'm using my regular aurifil thread. If I'm using any other thread I do a few test runs and adjust my needle one notch from center each time until I'm happy with the result. However, I should also add that I rarely make patterns where the 1/4 inch seam is critical so when I find the setting I like, I make a note of it and then make sure all the seams for that quilt are consistent. I did recently make a miniature quilt (1 inch squares for HST - never again!) and for that I used the 1/4 inch line but adjusted the needle one notch to the right (closer to the edge of fabric) so as to minimize the impact of the thread on those seams. Have fun with your new machine!




      Re: Users of Brother Innovis VQ3000 or similar machine

      On the Utility Stitch screen, you can choose how you want the straight stitch to stitch out. For help, page 7 on the Quick Reference Guide explains Utility Stitches 1, 2, and 3.

      I use the 1-03 for center placement. The laser beam shows up straight out from the center of 1/4 inch foot. Generally, I leave it at that position. Let the right-edge of your fabric ride along on the white 1/4 inch mark on machine.

      Hope that helps.
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