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    fat quarter bundle

    I am going to try and follow Pat Sloan's Solstice Challenge but since I have no scraps she says a "fat quarter" bundle will do-so my question is-how many fat quarters are in a bundle. I see some have 10, some 15, and some 24. I am thinking since the Solstice's is 182 days, and she post 1 per week that would be 27 weeks with a 12" block so maybe I need the 24 size-how are my figures? Or I could do anything that would come up to approximately 30 fat quarters.
    I am not at my home for a couple of months and I do have a bundle there-but oh well-visiting some shops today.

    Re: fat quarter bundle

    30 fat quarters will give you 6-1/2 yards. I'm doing the challenge with 10 fat quarters and a plain background fabric which will give me 5 yards total. Hopefully that will be enough.