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Brother SE400 oiling

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    Brother SE400 oiling

    I purchased my machine going on two years ago and when looking at the manual for maintenance it didn't have any instructions for oiling the machine. When I did a search it said that it doesn't need oiling but then it should be done when taken for a yearly maintence. (so we're talking about $75 for that trip). I know that with certain brands of spinning wheels the gears are sealed and supposedly "oiled" for life so I wondered if that is also what Brother had done. So I let it slip my mind as an issue.

    Well, I keep thinking that it does need oiling. There is nothing that I can specifically say that makes me think it's time (or on overtime), no squeaks etc, but I just don't feel it is running as smoothly as it had been. I just don't see spending $75 to have someone put a few drops of oil on the machine when I do all the other maintenance and can do things like correct the timing in the machines now. I also thoroughly clean out the machine about 4 times a year including taking the base off and the area around the needle casing. So I know the machine is otherwise clean.

    When doing a search today I did see that a few people also take issue with the "no oiling" policy and it's said that it was a "safety" decision by Brother because some people tend to over oil the machines causing problems so they didn't want people doing it. So it appears some people have decided to take the bull by the horns and feed that thirsty bugger.

    So my question is has anyone else oiled their machines yet? I want to do it, I think it does need it but it's like that tag on the mattresses that say "do not remove". At what point do we decide not to obey??
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    Re: Brother SE400 oiling

    I have had my Brother PC420 for four years. It is used approx 20 hours per week consistently. I clean it myself regularly. It has never been it for "maintenance". It has never been oiled. It is working perfectly So I see no need to oil it.

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