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    Re: It's been a very long time

    Originally posted by Bubby View Post
    I recommend that you first read your owner's manual. Then, join the machine embroidery group here at M*. The Group is great about answering questions, but you can also ask on the general forum. Start with something simple, without too many thread colors. Don't forget about YouTube. Do a search for beginner machine embroidery and a whole world of information will open up to you. I do a lot of machine embroidery and you can pm me anytime.

    Here are some of my favorite places to look and buy. For designs: There are also some nice designs on Etsy. For thread you can't beat the quality or price at

    Happy Stitching!!
    I did, I read the manual but I'm more of a visual person . The manual doesn't have a step by step on doing a simple design, nor should it. I just needed to see someone do a simple design.

    I joined a group here. I forgot how much I loved seeing everyone's work. That's what got me started with sewing 2 years ago. It was so inspiring. I had that feeling again when I saw what others had done with embroidery on here.

    I'm looking forward to creating a NCW that is embroidered. I bought the NCW templates and have only been able to use them 3 times to make wallets.

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