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2017 UFO Finishing Group (Git 'er Done)

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    2017 UFO Finishing Group (Git 'er Done)

    Hi everyone! Toni (GuitarGramma) is stepping down from running this group, and I have volunteered to take over. For existing group members, I have posted this information within the group, and this is to reach out to non-members on the forum. The 2017 group hasn't been formed, yet. I will send everyone another notice when it is ready.

    Our group exists to encourage the completion of those projects that we start, but, somehow, haven't been able to finish. Here is how it works:

    - After joining the group, you create a new post with your name in the title, e.g. "Sylvia's UFO List." In that post, write a list numbered from 1 to 12.
    - Each item in your list should be a task which you can finish in one month's time.
    For some, it will mean completing a quilt right through the binding.
    For others, it will mean something smaller, like completing a top. Quilting and/or binding can be a separate item on your list.
    - By the first of each month, I'll post a random number from 1 to 12.
    - You work on that number!
    - When you have completed a UFO, you can post a picture of it in the group files.
    (Note: Our lists can be edited in perpetuity. It is always OK to switch a couple of numbers around or change what's on your list.)

    Remember, we can all succeed. We can all help each other. And by the end of the year, we can be happy with what we've accomplished.

    I have been a member of the group for the last two years. I did not complete all my UFOs either year - but this was a fun way to focus on them and share my efforts with others in the group.

    If you are not a current member, are considering joining, and have some questions, please ask.

    I also want to thank Toni for her work running the group. She did a great job!
    If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.- Zig Ziglar

    Re: 2017 UFO Finishing Group (Git 'er Done)

    I agree this is a motivating system. Even if I didn't finish as many project as I listed, I progressed in all of them, and I am thankful for that.


      Re: 2017 UFO Finishing Group (Git 'er Done)

      I am hopeful that I can get a quilt finished (only about a third to do) before Christmas. However when looking at my UFO's I see I don't have 12 - does that mean I get to make some more toppers before adding them to my list? Heeheehee!
      Oh and does it start in January?