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Jelly Roll Race

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    Jelly Roll Race

    I was wondering if anyone had used honey buns instead of jelly rolls in the jelly roll race quilts?
    I have like 12 honey buns scattered about here in my sewing (sic) room, and thought I might try it.
    Any suggestions, warnings or inspirations?

    Thank you

    Re: Jelly Roll Race

    Well, it's your quilt, so you can do as you wish and use what you have on hand.

    Some things to consider:

    1) A honey bun is 1.5" wide vs. 2.5" wide, so each finished strip in your quilt will be 1" wide. There is nothing wrong with this as some people use scrap squares that are 1.5" wide and end up with 1" squares.

    Something to keep in mind when working with such small pieces: I have found that some fabric lines fray much more than others (I have found this to be true with RJR fabrics), so if you are starting with 1.5" strips and the fabric frays a lot, there is not much wiggle room to work around a strip that is narrower than even 1.5" (sometimes I accommodate lots of fraying by using a scant 1/4" seam -- which will be difficult if you are starting with a 1.5" strip size).

    2) you will not be able to use the regular JRR formula for determining the width and length of your quilt (see my JRR links under "user notes" in my profile). So, unless you are going to just sew and sew and are happy with whatever size you end up with, you will need to substitute the width of your strips and the number of your strips into the formula(s) to determine how many strips you will need for your quilt.
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      Re: Jelly Roll Race

      I think it would make an amazing (and unique) very scrappy looking strip quilt.


        Re: Jelly Roll Race

        I knew they were an inch and a half so I was thinking about using 4 different honey buns. My thinking was to lay them side by side on my sewing table and going down the line, one from the first, then the next and the third and so forth. Just for size.
        And you are right, it is mine. I am making it for me this time. (hahahahahahahahaha)
        I guess we'll just see what happens.
        Thank you for your input.
        Have wonderful day


          Re: Jelly Roll Race

          I think it will look cool!!
          Be sure to post a picture!
          There is a quilt by Karen Griska called Pastiche - an everything quilt
          You should check of out!
          I posted a picture of it in the Strings Quilt group
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          Happy Quilting!


            Re: Jelly Roll Race

            I would totally do it!!!
            My blog has the math for a regular JRR quilt plus my variation here

            Here's the math for what you might want to try for 1.5" strips:
            Using the standard Jelly Roll Race Quilt Recipe, your first strip will be 1600″ long and 1.5″ wide
            Then you grab the two ends and sew them right sides together for about 800″ long, making it a 2 piece strip set 2.5″ wide
            Then you grab the two ends and sew them right sides together for about 400″ long, making it a 4 piece strip set 4.5″ wide
            Then you grab the two ends and sew them right sides together for about 200″ long, making it an 8 piece strip set 8.5″ wide
            Then you grab the two ends and sew them right sides together for about 100″ long, making it a 16 piece strip set 16.5 wide
            and finally, you grab the last two ends and sew them right sides together for about 50″ long resulting in one piece consisting of a 32 piece strip set 32.5″ wide.
            but you probably want it about 64" wide so . . . .
            If you take 2 rolls and sew each peice of ONE ROLL AT A TIME end to end, so that you will have TWO 1600" strips, and sew those two together long ways, then you will have ONE 1600" piece 2.5 inches wide. Mind you this will really be a 2 piece strip now, but then you can follow the regular recipe.
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              Re: Jelly Roll Race

              This sounds like it will be neat, please show a picture when you get it together.
              Vicki C:icon_hi: