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    Re: Thankful for those who encourage

    Oh my ... first I love your use of "bless her heart" ... big ole smile when I read that I'm really glad that you recognize that you do not need an expensive machine to make quilts. And isn't it interesting that when someone states they only piece and hand quilt, no one asks them what brand of needles did they use? . I read another quilt forum occasionally and a poster had asked about a machine that runs about $1,200 and I own the same machine (but I got lucky and bought my used). Anyway I responded on the positives of the machine ... several people also responded with their opinions that really she should move up to the next model ...the ones they were suggesting cost $2,500 to $3,000. She had specifically said the first model was all she could afford. So yes the more expensive models do have some nicer features ... but it's absolutely no fun to own a machine that you're making payments on while eating baloney every night. One of my local LQS has decided they will no longer carry brand X needles and will only carry brand Z. I now no longer buy needles from them because I love brand X ... so they've lost my dollars .. and I did try brand Z .. didn't like them and they're more expensive. And I buy a lot of sewing machine needles

    Sometimes not knowing what is the hottest new trend is absolutely bliss. It's easy to read the magazines, blogs, follow Facebook quilting groups and think well I might as well give up now as I'll never be able to compete. But that's the thing ... it's not a competition to see who can buy the most fabric or most expensive tools ... I have at times found myself thinking oh if I just had this or that ... but you said it best " my sons and grandsons acted like I'd given them a box of gold" Not one asked what brand sewing machine you used. They just loved that you made them something ... and that's the most important thing So absolutely yes .. let us keep encouraging each other in our quilting journey
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    But it’s a beautiful ride - Gary Allen


      Re: Thankful for those who encourage

      Originally posted by dogsavvy View Post
      I had an odd experience today.

      Visited a quilt shop & was told not to bother with one of 'those toy long arms'. She had to explain what she meant by that. Bless her heart, she's entitled to her opinion however, it is not realistic to snub any machine priced under $20,000- $30,000. No doubt there are those who can afford one but... It's the 1st time I have encountered someone like this. There was no discussion. Anything not her brand or at least twenty grand was a waste of money & a joke.

      I LOVE to quilt but if I'd thought the only way to 'be serious' or 'any good' required a machine that cost more than some cars, I wouldn't have tried

      Reading this early Thanksgiving morning and your story was more of an eye opener than my first cup of coffee. Good for you, dog savvy, to be able to maintain your "bless her heart" attitude and get out of there without more than a raised eyebrow. I guess we've all encountered elitism like that at some point. And elitism's BFF arrogance. I think it would come as a surprise to all our predecessors who made do with scraps of worn out clothing for their fabrics and hand stitched them by fire or lantern light to know that their work wasn't valid. Or all those Gee's Bend women who helped inspire the modern quilt movement with their works of art created out of the most impoverished conditions. And there is nothing to sneer at when one person can barely follow a pattern made from discount store fabric as opposed to someone else who only uses his or her own computer generated designs and hand dyed fabric. To me the urge to make something of beauty and of use to others is the core of quilting and what gets my respect. Not the quilter's net worth or willingness to go into debt. I'm just thankful that we all are out there and can share our pieces with others and pass on this lovely tradition of making out of fabric and love of sewing. I don't begrudge anyone their pricy equipment but I definitely don't envy or covet them. I'm content right where I'm at.


        Re: Thankful for those who encourage

        At the quilt quild on open sew days, we have people with featherweights sitting next to people with expensive machines that can also do embroidery and they all make beautiful quilts.

        I have also had the experience of someone trying to sell me a more expensive machine then I could afford. I wanted help with an old machine that was still good but I wasn't sure how to use it. They did not have time to help me even tho I would have paid them for the help. Went to another shop and they gave me a free class. Later, when I could afford it, I bought my new machine from them. They were all about customer satisfaction.


          Re: Thankful for those who encourage

          i agree with being hesitant to recommend a machine without knowing how much someone wants to spend. The receptionist in our office building is retiring and wanted a new machine because she's planning to do more quilting. She asked me and I was like the deer in the headlights. I had no idea how much money she'd want to spend so I told her what I had and to go and sew on several machines to see which one she liked. She really surprised me by buying a Bernina 770. I would not have thought to recommend that expensive of a machine. I was sooo glad I told her what I did. She's got an awesome machine and is about to be happily quilting away her retirement!

          It's so sad that some people let making money get in the way. Quilters are such awesome people. It's sad to think that some people may not ever find that out because this woman was trying to make money and discouraging people because of it.
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