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Annual holiday quilting supply sales

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    Annual holiday quilting supply sales

    Any annual quilting supply sales you look forward to during the holidays?
    It seems like I've read posts in the past about a certain day Aurifil thread goes on a great sale, batting, etc., but I haven't seen what days are best this year. When do you purchase the supplies you use a lot of throughout the year?

    Also, do you primarily purchase rolls of batting or by the package? I have only purchased batting that is prepackaged per project, but am considering buying a roll of it this time if there's a good sale. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Re: Annual holiday quilting supply sales

    Ha ha, I usually pay full price buy stuff the day before it goes on sale lol !! But would love to know what goes on sale when!


      Re: Annual holiday quilting supply sales

      If you have a JoAnns near you, watch for the batting sales. I don't know when, but the packaged batting goes on sale on a regular basis. Of course, they and Hobby Lobby also always have coupons running if it's not on sale. I have purchased both on the roll batting as well as packaged, depending on what I was working on. Now with a LA, I typically purchase my 80/20 batting on a roll.
      No thoughts on thread, since I buy mine at LQS at very discounted prices.
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        Re: Annual holiday quilting supply sales

        I recently found Warm and Natural batting on Amazon for cheaper than the Joann sale price so do a price comparison if you are considering that purchase. I have Amazon Prime so don't pay shipping which helps.


          Re: Annual holiday quilting supply sales

          Sales can happen at any time - especially at this time of the year: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday. Martelli just had their RedLine sale.

          The only way I know to catch sales is to subscribe to each store's newsletter. I'm sure as the sales hit people will be posting.


            Re: Annual holiday quilting supply sales

            I usually buy most of my fabric from Thanksgiving through February -- for projects that I plan out ahead of time and have an idea of the color scheme or exact fabric I want. Keep in mind that my budget is to not spend more than $5/yard and often spend less than $4/yard because I know I can get it at that price if I'm patient and plan ahead -- and I'm talking quilt shop fabric, not Joan's; fabric like RJR, Moda, Michael Miller, etc.

            I do, however, pay a bit more if I need something right away or just that certain something special.

            Martelli Notions just had 50% off (Red Line Sale), and maybe still continuing for a day or 2 ???

            Shabby Fabrics use to have really good sale/clearance prices, but tightened their discounts over the past year or so -- to the point where it seems nothing is moving in their clearance section as they continue to have the same fabric on clearance for over a year. I've pretty much given up on them.

            Fat Quarter Shop usually has good discounts from Thanksgiving thru Christmas and then in February.

            Craftsy is having a good sale right now! And they've changed their shipping to a flat rate of $4.99 which is great because their tiered shipping prices in the past often kept me from purchasing. I would expect they will have another good sale around Christmas and then again this summer (as they did this past year).

            Connecting Threads has weekly sales; and I would expect will have some really good discounts over the holidays.

            I have only purchased batting (in packages) at Connecting Threads when it's 40% off (Heirloom brand) or JoAnn's with my 60% off coupons (Warm & Natural)! In fact, just purchased Warm & Natural 100% cotton plush queen size for $16 (was $40) after using a 60% off coupon last week! Sometimes I drag my hubby in with his own 60% coupon to nab big items.

            Hancock of Paducah -- LOVE their clearance/sale section!

            Also -- GREAT designer quilt shop fabric from -- yardage never over $8/yard; often sales as low as $3/yard. $5 shipping, free ship over a certain amount in sales. Brooklyn Fabric is located in Brooklyn, Iowa. If purchasing in the store, she offers finish the bolt prices at $6/yard -- not sure if this is an option when ordering online. I fell in love with some white tonal fabric this past summer and was not surprised to read it was Henry Glass; scored it for $8/yard.

            I think you can sign up for a newsletter to Brooklyn, but for sure "like" her page to follow her and get updates on new fabric additions. She just returned from Houston with lots of fabric to stock her inventory!

            I have nabbed some unique fabric panels for specialty projects from Keepsake Quilting -- but be careful ... their precut sets do NOT contain the typical amounts of fabric, so when purchasing a roll of stack of something chances are it will be an amount less than 40 - 42 pieces per set!

            Also, I just found Nancy's Notions website has a web store!

            Happy Shopping!
            Blessings, DramaMama

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              Re: Annual holiday quilting supply sales

              Joann has a 90"x 25 yard of the Fairfield Toasty Cotton batting listed as $130 per roll. If you buy it on Friday, in store, with the extra 25% off, it brings it to under $100, plus tax.

              They are also having their annual flannel sale.

              I'd suggest signing up for the ads and newsletters.
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                Re: Annual holiday quilting supply sales

                Thank you ALL for the great information!


                  Re: Annual holiday quilting supply sales

                  Connecting threads is having a big sale right now.

                  🌺 Lorie


                    Re: Annual holiday quilting supply sales

                    I have seen Aurifil thread on Craftsy at good prices at different times. Regular price for the middle size spool is about $13-$14. Sometimes multipacks have better prices. M* had a 3 pack at a great price on one of the daily deals.

                    We are all such great big enablers.........I'm sure everyone will be posting links to good deals during the holidays.
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