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    Must Haves??

    I'm working on my Christmas wish list and I'm wondering what you'd say are your "must have" items. They don't have to be from M*, most of my gift givers shop from my Amazon list. I'm fairly new to quilting, so I don't have the experience to know what I "need."


    Re: Must Haves??

    Of course gift certificates to your favorite quilt shops are always good. If you're afraid some people might pick out fabrics that might not be in line with your thinking than listing batting, backings like if you use muslim often or a certain color is good. Think if there are any things like templates that you've been wanting to try. A rotary cutting matt or particular type of cutter if you need or want them. A particular ruler etc.
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      Re: Must Haves??

      Good scissors
      Good rotary cutter
      Thread or


        Re: Must Haves??

        A magnetic pin holder (or two or three - I always seem to reach for it where it isn't, lol)

        A mid-size ish ruler - say 3x12 maybe? I have yet to find the "sweet spot" for me - some are too big for many thungs, some too small. You'll need to think about what you do most. I personally prefer Creative Grids rulers because they are clear with easy to read markings. I also think you can't have too many rulers; -)

        Extra bobbins - I have lots of spare ones which makes it easier to load up multiples of whatever thread I'm using for a given project

        Design wall - I have the Fons & Porter one that hangs. It's not ideal but it sure makes things easier till I can build one that fits my wall.

        Extra rotary blades

        Good quality rotating cutting mat - I have the Olfa one & I'm not 100% in love with it myself - but I may just need to get more used to it.

        Washable marking pens/pencils

        Small pair of embroidery scissors to snip wayward threads

        Bobbin holder

        I could go on & on, lol, but those are what came to mind quickly


          Re: Must Haves??

          You must have two rulers, a long one and a big one. The long one should be 24 inches long and either 6 or 6-1/2 wide. The big one should be at least 12-1/2 x 12-1/2". It's also nice to have a 6x6 or 6-1/2x6-1/2" ruler. I concur with Cindy and Carlie Wolf that a good cutting Matt and a good rotary cutter are important. I, like Cindy, love my Martelli cutter and mat, but they're on the pricey side. It's best to wait for one of Martelli's frequent half price sales.

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            Re: Must Haves??

            AMG's list is excellent. I would add a good chair for your sewing space. I just bought myself one that has adjustable hieghts and good back support. I had been using a kitchen chair with cushions piled on it. My back and shoulders love my new chair.
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              Re: Must Haves??

              for stocking stuffers
              the clips that hold the thread and bobbin together are always nice
              A nice pair of small scissors for cutting threads at the ironing board
              an ironable ruler

              a good set of screwdrivers
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                Re: Must Haves??

                Adding to the list:

                If you plan on making half-square triangles (a very common unit), I recommend the following:
                Quick Quarter II marking tool (automatically figures your seam allowances for you)
                Bloc-Loc 6.5" ruler (for trimming those HST units)

                Good lighting - I supplement the light in my sewing space with a desktop Ott Light

                Pins - straight pins, and if you plan on quilting your quilt yourself, then those bent quilting safety pin things. (I prefer the ones with the coil on the end.)

                Iron - While you don't need a super fancy iron starting out, make sure you have one you like. It should heat up well and evenly, and feel comfortable to use.

                Spare needles for your sewing machine

                Elmers washable school glue (not gel) for basting those curved seams

                1/4 inch seam guide for your sewing machine

                Storage/organization for your fabric

                Also I'd like to put emphasis on the spare rotary blades. For starting out, you should probably go with a 45mm rotary cutter, as that's good for most applications

                Lightweight fusible web (if doing applique)

                A good seam ripper


                  Re: Must Haves??

                  Not sure what name they go by but a caddy that spins for your work table. I believe mine came from an office supply store. Great for keeping all kinds of things handy. Cutters, markers, pins, scissors,


                    Re: Must Haves??

                    I would suggest you put together a basic list of needed tools. You have lots of good ideas already suggested. I would want to pick my own fabrics, unless you know of a kit you want. I often use gift giving occasions to kind of splurge and get what really want but am too frugal to get myself. I am fine if everyone goes together and I get something I really want!


                      Re: Must Haves??

                      The best most productive thing I did this year was purchase the Panasonic Cordless Iron. I love this thing.

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                        Re: Must Haves??

                        To add to the items already listed - wonder clips and a Stripology ruler.
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                          Re: Must Haves??

                          I received a set of Kai scissors that I didn't even know I needed and can't live with out now. The big ones are wonderful, the little ones are an absolute necessity now.
                          Of course, the rotary cutter (my favorite is 60" but I have a 45 with a pinking blade that is fun.
                          A good mat...I like my Olfa best but the Omnigrid is good and half the price...I'd get a 36" one.
                          I love my long ruler with the lip that fits over the edge of the mat. Stays in place while I'm cutting
                          I would definitely ask for sewing machine needles. Always need them on hand
                          Spools of can't believe how much thread it takes to make a quilt.
                          And wouldn't a big ol' roll of batting be special?
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                            Re: Must Haves??

                            Creative Grids ruler 12" square
                            Wonder Clips red, pkg of 50
                            Rotating cutting mat
                            Thread in white, off white, gray, black


                              Re: Must Haves??

                              cutting mat
                              good pair of scissors
                              rotary cutter and extra blades
                              extra bobbins and one of my favorite things a side winder bobbin thing ( I hate rethreading my machine every time I run out of bobbin thread)
                              needles for your machine
                              I use tons of white and off white thread
                              a brush to clean out the loose threads from your machine ( I use a make-up brush from Walmart)
                              red wonder clips
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