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Making a Shielded Credit Card Wallet

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    Making a Shielded Credit Card Wallet

    Hoping to get your thoughts, or advice on making one of these.
    My DS was at a local Fall Fair this past week end, he stuck a credit card in his back pocket for "just in case".
    Somebody in the crowd must have had a hand held scanner, because his card was read, and before he knew it several thousand dollars had been charged to his account.
    Fortunately the credit card company spotted what was happening and quickly cancelled his card, when they contacted him they told him that this is a common problem in crowded places.
    I have offered to make him a shielded wallet / card holder, if it works I will make a bunch as Christmas gifts.
    Doing some research aluminium foil seems to work as an RDFI shield, but I was wondering if Insulbrite batting would work as its just aluminium foil between 2 thin layers of batting.
    Have any of you made one of these and what did you use as a shield?

    Re: Making a Shielded Credit Card Wallet

    There is a fabric out there, a friend of mine picked some up at a quilt shop during her travels. I have read up on these and as far as I found, nothing out there works well, not even those wallets you can buy are very safe. My financial institution says the best option is to ask for a card without a chip, those card readers read the chip not the "magnetic" strip used in the older cards.

    I will be keeping an eye on this thread for more up to date info on this.

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      Re: Making a Shielded Credit Card Wallet

      Insulbright is made with mylar, not aluminum foil so I'm not sure it would have any of the same properties. The RFID fabric is expensive, I think $25.00 a yard or so. Nancy's Notions carries it.
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        Re: Making a Shielded Credit Card Wallet

        I thought there was a thread about this a while ago ???? I can't find it now if there was
        Dolores :lol::icon_heh:


          Re: Making a Shielded Credit Card Wallet

          The fabric is called RF ID blocking fabric.
          Blogging ahead.....research in quilting and sewing with a dab of cooking/recipes too.


            Re: Making a Shielded Credit Card Wallet

            I have a friend who works for a large department store. She used to work with me at 911. When I saw her a couple weeks ago, she saw my wallet, then pulled out hers to show me. She had bought hers, but it was quite similar to the one I made. Anyway, she unzipped a compartment and pulled out a piece of foil backed with duct tape!! She swears it blocks cards from being copied. Matter of fact, she said shoplifters use it to enclosed the sensors on things so they can leave the store w/out the alarms going off.

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              Re: Making a Shielded Credit Card Wallet

              they say duct tape fixes everything :lol
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                Re: Making a Shielded Credit Card Wallet

                Ok, so now I need an easy card holder pattern :-)
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                  Re: Making a Shielded Credit Card Wallet

                  I'll be following this to find out everyone's thoughts. I just tried to find a tutorial I remember seeing where this is made from simple aluminum foil. I've heard good things about the those I've seen in stores and they aren't bad looking.

                  A few weeks ago someone got a hold of DH's debit card #. Our bank says it is most likely from using it to get gas. Fortunately we discovered it quickly. In a short time they ran up almost $400.


                    Re: Making a Shielded Credit Card Wallet

                    There's an Etsy store selling the RFID fabric too. A quarter yard for $8.50 plus shipping.