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Does any one know about a gammill 24" longarm

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    Does any one know about a gammill 24" longarm

    I am looking at a gammill 24" longarm machine which does not have a stitch regulator. I am just wondering if it would be good to buy with out a stitch regulator? I don't know what the age is but looks in good conditions. Any information about this machine would be great.

    Re: Does any one know about a gammill 24" longarm

    I cannot comment specifically about the Gammill, other than they are high quality machines with ( as I understand) a decent support network, especially near the area from where they are manufactured ( around SW Missouri). As far as non stitch regulated, there is a learning curve to get up to speed on quilting in this mode, but I understand many very skilled LA quilters prefer this mode of quilting.

    I know there are add ons to machines that can change them from non stitch regulated to fully robotic. Talk to Dave at Show Me Quilting in Raytown about this. He upgraded my machine ( Pfaff/ Tin Lizzie) with a new stitch regulation system and it vastly improved my quilting experience! It just comes down to what your budget will allow, although his systems are very affordable.