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    finished block size

    Wondering if you guys can help me. Am currently making a baby quilt from a pattern I have never used before. I have all the piecing done and I was looking at the pattern to check the block size to figure out if I need to cut any down, as my quilts are ALWAYS wonky in size.

    At any rate, it said the finished block size should be 7 1/2 and my blocks are running around 7 3/4. So, does this mean that my quilt is wonky, or that the finished size is once the 1/4" is used in the seam when you sew the blocks together?

    Hope that makes sense. TIA.


    Re: finished block size

    As long as all your blocks are the same size it shouldn't matter. Yours will be 7 1/4 finished size if you stay with the 1/4 seam
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      Re: finished block size

      Finished size means the size of the block after it is sewn into the quilt.

      Unfinished means the size of the block with the seam allowances on.

      Your block will finish at 7 & 1/4" like Grammaterry said, so a little smaller than the pattern states. You may need to double check your quarter inch seam width and your pressing if your blocks are coming out consistently smaller.
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        Re: finished block size

        You don't need my 2 cents worth as your question has been answered. At least your blocks are a little bigger and not smaller, right? Good to see you back here.
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          Re: finished block size

          I now have a machine that I can move the needle position and as far as I can see it is a scant 1/4" now. I TRY really hard with cutting, but I don't expect perfection out of my quilts. Besides, its for a baby.