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My apologies!

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    Re: My apologies!

    I missed it too, but this one sure gave me the giggles!

    No rainbows!


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      Re: My apologies!

      So there's really a quilt police? Next thing y'all gonna say there isn't a Santa or a tooth fairy? OMG. I can't believe this LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO.

      p.s. still LOLing


        Re: My apologies!

        Originally posted by Suzette View Post
        Becky, I went back and looked at that thread you are talking about and I think it turned into much ado about nothing. Lots and lots of posts have been written on this forum mentioning the quilt police in one context or another - usually no biggie. Why yours turned into a mini-drama, I don't know.

        But I also have read some of your other posts and you seem such a happy, friendly, upbeat person. I didn't get a chance to welcome you earlier, but I welcome you to the forums! Let the dust settle on this one and let's all move on.
        I agree. ,,,,,
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          Re: My apologies!

          I did not think the first thread was an issue at all. That is probably why folks think they missed it. I sure have seen worse on this forum in the past.

          Becky, welcome to the forum, glad to have you here!
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            Re: My apologies!

            I guess I missed it too. I feel left out but I've been busy sewing
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              Re: My apologies!

              Welcome, Becky! This REALLY is a good place, a friendly place and a place full of caring people! Hope you begin and continue to enjoy your journey here.
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