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Removing Fusible Web

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    Removing Fusible Web

    Need help on how to remove fusible web from fabric. I recently took an applique class that advised us to fuse three yards of fusible on the fabric. Thought at the time it was way too much for a simple applique project, and it was. More than twice as much as what I actually needed. And I didn't even fuse the whole amount! So now I have about 24 to 36" of fabric that's perfectly fine except it has the fusible webbing on it. I've tried picking it off with my nails & a pin. Spent more than an hour, and only got about 3" cleaned off. Is there an easy way to remove the webbing??

    Re: Removing Fusible Web

    I found this:

    Place a scrap piece of a cotton terry towel over the residue. Reheat the area with the iron for about 10 seconds. Immediately pull away the heated scrap - the reheated residue should pull away from the fabric and adhere to the scrap. Repeat this process until the residue has been completely removed.
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