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Best way to store baby quilts long term?

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    Re: Best way to store baby quilts long term?

    I've read that if you must store quilts, they should be folded on the bias and refolded at least once a year.


      Re: Best way to store baby quilts long term?

      I'm resurfacing this thread because I was searching for ideas on this topic ... I have room in a closet to keep them on the shelves, and I definitely don't have a pillowcase for each quilt that needs storage. Is there any reason I can't just pile them up on a shelf in a closet? My closet space is valuable, but so are my quilts!!


        Re: Best way to store baby quilts long term?

        I don't know why it wouldn't work. Maybe lay a cloth on the shelf first or loosely cover them all in a sheet to protect from dust?
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          Re: Best way to store baby quilts long term?

          Are space savers bad? I have comforters in some and they seem fine when I take them out.
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            Re: Best way to store baby quilts long term?

            I haven't read all the responses yet so this might be a repeat.

            1. Don't store quilts directly on wood (shelf for example.) The oils from the wood can permanently stain the quilt.
            2. Yes wash your quilts when they are finished the oils from our hands and just dirt from handling when we make them makes it a good practice. Plus the oils from our hands if left unwashed can show up as stains in the future.
            3. It is best to store your quilts flat if possible (on the guest bed for example.)
            3. If this isn't possible it is OK to roll your quilts with a clean sheet or acid free paper around them.
            4. Don't fold your quilts longterm. If you are going to fold them for storage refold them every 3 months to prevent permanent crease marks.
            4. Store your quilts in temperature controlled areas if possible (never an attic for example. Not that a quilter would EVER do this).
            5. Do not dry clean your cotton quilts. The dry cleaning chemicals are not good for a cotton quilt.

            A good rule of thumb is to store a quilt in an area that you would be comfortable in yourself.


              Re: Best way to store baby quilts long term?

              Originally posted by Bernina2 View Post
              I am making baby quilts for my young grand daughters.
              I store them rolled up and stored in a cotton pillowcase.
              Never store in a plastic bag or plastic container.
              Cotton must be able to breath.
              Refolding occasionally may prevent fold marks.
              I'm so glad you mentioned not to store quilts in a plastic bag or plastic container. Fabrics need to breath and a quilt could be ruined this way.

              However if you are mailing a quilt to someone it is a GOOD idea to wrap the quilt in a plastic bag in case the box breaks and liquid from another package gets on the quilt. This may be overdoing it but I would even double box a quilt just to be safe. We put a lot of time, money and love into the quilts we make.


                Re: Best way to store baby quilts long term?

                I kept the embroidered baby quilts my MIL made for each of my children until they had their own kids......These were light weight quilts without batting, but I would occasionally take them out of the antique trunk I had stored them in ( in pillowcases ) and wash them occasionally.
                While fabrics and yarns have improved over the last 60 some years I still think it's best to take items out and wash & dry them occasionally.
                When my DD was born in 1978, my MIL gave me a beautiful hand knitted Pink Sweater Set that she had originally made for my DH Terry prior to his birth. My MIL told me at the time that if I washed it not to be upset if it shrank.....and WOW did it shrink! I still have the Sweater set packed away. I really appreciated the fact that my MIL was so giving when our kids were born. She is 90 yrs young and still cranking out knitted, crocheted, Cross Stitched and sewing items for her family......Bless her!
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