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Navigating for fabric Arghhhh

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    Navigating for fabric Arghhhh

    Ok-- I really must be doing something wrong--
    I love the selection of fabric msq has but--- I have the hardest time searching for fabric (precuts). Have done several different ways and still cant find what I am searching for
    Jelly rolls--- I want purples, turquoise, and then one with sand colors. I don't want a print just shades of these colors.
    I know there are members who can find "the fly on the wall" with no problem (if this is you--- I envy you)
    Ok-- my secret is now public

    Re: Navigating for fabric Arghhhh

    I found this....

    and this...

    I couldn't seem to find jelly rolls of either sorry.
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      Re: Navigating for fabric Arghhhh

      I have the same problem on the new site of MSQ. I used to be able to just search a simple word or color and voila but not so much now If it is something specific I want it seems like it takes me on a long browse even when I know it is there
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        Re: Navigating for fabric Arghhhh

        When you say "shades," do you mean solids in various hues? or more like batiks or mottled fabrics? If it's the latter, maybe try this:

        Hope that helps!


          Re: Navigating for fabric Arghhhh




          The page of Kona Jelly Rolls (because I think you wanted solids)

          I just searched Kona Cotton, then when it took me there I checked 2.5" strips and it gave me just the jelly rolls.
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            Re: Navigating for fabric Arghhhh

            I noticed the other day that "jelly rolls" aren't specifically listed, but "2.5 rolls" are.
            From the top menu on MSQ main page click "Precut Fabrics"
            From the menu on the left click "2.5 rolls" (there are 576 choices)
            From there you can search further by "Theme" (florals, solids, reproduction, etc); "Style"; "Brand"; and several other choices.


              Re: Navigating for fabric Arghhhh

              Sandcastle jelly roll -
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