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What to do with tiny scrap bits

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    Re: What to do with tiny scrap bits

    Here are a couple from Pinterest, just do a search for scrap quilts.
    I am saving 2" x 3" scraps for the 1st picture. Anything smaller becomes a leader/ender.
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      Re: What to do with tiny scrap bits

      here are some samples. The first is tiny leftover snowball triangles. The second is called chaos.scrapy quilt.jpgChaos.jpg
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        Re: What to do with tiny scrap bits

        Yes, Bonnie Hunter's scrap system is useful!

        I LOVE the idea above re: scraps that are too small can be placed in an old t-shirt and when full donated to an animal shelter! I will start doing this vs. keeping a trash can near my cutting table!

        One word of caution: do not be afraid to throw away scraps that are "too small" or else you will be spending as much time "managing and organizing" them and buying storage bins and them taking up storage space! This goes with everything in life, I guess -- I have been at a point in my life where I question: Do I need this? Why? How much tim, space & money is it going to suck from my life to clean, store and care for it?

        The size will be determined by the sizes you want to work with. Someone above said she doesn't save triangles -- I save my triangles (e.g., from HST's) for paper piecing and crazy quilt blocks.
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          Re: What to do with tiny scrap bits

          What Laura said. Go to Pinterest and search "scrap quilts" and you'll be inspired. I save scraps that can be cut to 1 and 1/2 inch. I'm sewing them into 9" blocks and then a quilt. When I'm having a bad day, or just want to mindlessly quilt, I work on this project. It's very relaxing for me.


            Re: What to do with tiny scrap bits

            I also use tiny scraps for stuffing pet beds and for leaders and enders. Scraps of embroidery thread I place on a plant out side my window. We have some little birds that use them for nest making.
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              Re: What to do with tiny scrap bits

              Here are a couple of ideas,

              Tid-bit's - use a old pillow case, as a trash can liner.

              Appliqué - I save good pieces for these. Iron on double sided fusable, and cut out, set aside.

              Scraps - draw on baggies, square sizes, 21\2, 31\2, 41\2, cut scraps from these sizes, use drawing on baggies to make sure your storring in correct size ......ready to use......
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                Re: What to do with tiny scrap bits

                Originally posted by Sylvia H View Post
                I have used my 2.5" strips and blocks to make a tumbler quilt top, and the rest are being put together to make 16 square blocks for another scrappy quilt. One of my very wild, scrappy quilt tops used the mile a minute method, shown here:

                Take time after the end of each project, to organize your scraps. You will be glad that you did.
                That was a great tutorial Sylvia! I am saving scraps to make a scrappy quilt, saving both 2 1/2" squares and random pieces for a crumb quilt. I also am amassing a collection of HSTs from the swap on this forum.