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    Bonnie Hunter Fans_HELP!

    I love Leader & Enders and quilt cam.

    However, I find it hard to locate specific info on Bonnie Hunter's website. For instance, she is popularly "known" for Leaders & Enders, an annual Mystery Quilt-a-Long, and an annual Leader/Ender challenge, but neither of those 3 categories are listed on her website as links to find further info and/or the most up-to-date info. As a Type A individual, I find this extremely frustrating and a complete affront to common sense and good organization.

    Anywayyyyy ... can someone tell me what the Leader/Ender challenge is for this year? It was to be posted in July, I think.
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    Re: Bonnie Hunter Fans_HELP!

    The 2016 Leader/Ender challenge has not been posted on the Quiltville blog yet. I think Bonnie said it will not be posted until she returns from Alaska.
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      Re: Bonnie Hunter Fans_HELP!

      Myrna is right, she will be posting the 2016 Leaders and Enders challenge when she returns from her Alaskan cruise.

      She usually has a button on the right hand side of the blog that leads to the current leader and ender challenge and the most recent mystery (at this point Allietare) blog posts. The one for the tumbler challenge isn't working, but I think she is in the midst of taking that one down to start the new one.

      While a mystery is active, there is usually a tab along the top.

      The top left button on the blog page allows you to search just Bonnie's blog. She also posts about both on the blog and on facebook.

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        Re: Bonnie Hunter Fans_HELP!

        Are you looking on her web site or on her blog?
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        The Leaders & Enders instructions / explanation is accessed by clicking on Tutorials.
        The free mystery quilt is only available for a short time each year, (usually all of December and then a few weeks into January), the 2015 Mystery is now available to buy as a digital download.
        The 2016 Leaders & Enders challenge should be announced soon.
        Hope this helps you.