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    2016 row by row

    Are there people here participating? Just wondering if we had access to other stores?

    Re: 2016 row by row

    Ive been watching as rows come up. This appears to be a hard one to make a row for. I have seen some darling ones and some not so great. I am in Oregon by the way.


      Re: 2016 row by row

      Sharing of Row by Row patterns is a violation of copyright..

      "Row by Row Experience FAQs

      I'm a quilter, how can I participate in Row by Row Experience?
      It's easy! Simply visit any participating quilt shop during the summer and ask for their free pattern for a row in a quilt. The 2016 theme is Row by Row Home Sweet Home, and each shop is working with the home theme in their row. The shops are happy to give you the pattern at no cost, limit one per person, walk-in customers only.

      The shops are all over the U. S. and into Canada. How can I get the row patterns from quilt shops that are far away from me?
      You can't. The shops are offering the pattern only to customers who walk in the door. Please don't ask them to email or mail their row patterns.

      Can I make copies of the patterns I collect?
      Absolutely not!! That's a big no-no! The patterns are copyright property of the designers.

      So, is this a shop hop?
      Kinda. But there are no fees and no cards to stamp.

      Are there prizes? Can I win something?
      Yes! With the Row by Row Experience you win a prize for sewing! Complete a quilt using at least 8 different rows from 8 different 2016 participating shops. Be the first to bring it into a shop and you win a stash of 25 fat quarters. (That's 6-1/4 yards of fabric!) Win a bonus prize for using that store's row in your quilt.

      What do you consider "complete" when it comes to my quilt.
      Quilted, bound, labeled.

      What pattern do I use for my quilt?
      You decide. Stack your rows, arrange around a center medallion, make them horizontal, vertical, upside down, on the front, on the back, whatever! You are the designer. Be creative and have fun, but be sure to use 8 different 2016 rows from 8 different 2016 shops.

      Can I win in more than one shop?
      Sorry, Charlie. One prize per quilter. You can make several quilts and show them off in several shops, but you may only claim one prize. Your quilt will be photographed for Facebook and everyone will see it, so play fair!

      How do I know which shops are participating?
      Check the website: Click the state you are traveling in to see the listing of shops. A Google map and a downloadable list will be available before summer.

      Are all of the shops open for the same hours?
      No. It would be too difficult to organize this for the whole summer. Be sure to check the shops' websites or call ahead when planning your route to verify their hours.

      Can I see pictures of the rows?
      Yes! Each area has a Facebook page and the shops will post photos of their rows when they are ready to show. You can "like" your area's page and any you plan to visit, but you don't have to be a member of Facebook to see the photos. The Facebook page links are on the website.

      What are the exact dates of the event?
      You have from June 21 through September 6, 2016 to collect the free patterns. You have until October 31, 2016 to submit a quilt for a prize.

      Anything else I should know?
      Lots! Each shop is participating in the Row by Row Experience in their own way. You will be able to buy kits for the rows you love and see demos for new quilting products when you visit many of the shops. Many others are carrying the FabricPlates from Zebra Patterns and the coordinating Row by Row Home Sweet Home fabrics from Timeless Treasures."
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        Re: 2016 row by row

        I am here in Canada, patiently waiting for it to start.
        Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


          Re: 2016 row by row

          Waiting in Washington. My friends and I are planning a Row by Row road trip with our husbands on the motorcycles! We are trying to decide which rows we REALLY want. We are staying in Washington, Oregon area.



            Re: 2016 row by row

            I plan to try to get some shops within easy driving distance. I am in Texas. I have never done this and am new to quilting. I love the rows I have seen. I Liked the Facebook pages for Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas so I could watch what was being put out by each shop.

            There is a group somewhere doing a swap. They get their free rows near them and if they want one from another state, they swap with someone from there. So they are not sharing patterns, but trading to get a few where they are not able to drive. I thought that sounded like a great idea. I wish I could get a few I have seen from other states I won't be able to drive to.


              Re: 2016 row by row

              I am planning a trip to M* and will be hitting the shops on the way. I also hope to be able to get some of the license plates....

              I also agree that some of them aren't to my taste & not sure that I will end up with enough to make a full size quilt.


                Re: 2016 row by row

                Is there someone in Alberta that can get me the kit from the chicken coop?


                  Re: 2016 row by row

                  Originally posted by Muriel View Post
                  Ive been watching as rows come up. This appears to be a hard one to make a row for. I have seen some darling ones and some not so great. I am in Oregon by the way.
                  If I were to share I would certainly not copy a pattern. I would get an original and send it on.


                    Re: 2016 row by row

                    When I get one, I want the kit.


                      Re: 2016 row by row

                      I was in the little shop in my town today, and she was making kits up. She has the license plate too. She is in Smithville, Mo