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Update on Big Stitch

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    Update on Big Stitch

    Thankfully, I have my quilting to keep my mind occupied..... Every stitch is a prayer for my BIL,... He and my husband were so close...

    So... I got some new needles today.... I got a pack of assorted sharps, and a pack of crewel needles... I just tried the shortest sharp, and it is PERFECT.... I'm getting nice, even stitches.... I thunk I'll stick with this needle,,, it's thinner and sharper than the needles I've bern using.....

    And... I found a box of finger cots in the pharmacy.... They are great fir pulling the needle through the quilt...

    Sandy from Cincinnati

    AKA Kermit

    Re: Update on Big Stitch

    I'm praying too.I'm glad you found the right size needle,do you know what size it is?I haven't tried big stitch quilting yet but it looks interesting.