It's on July 21st. (I hope it is OK that I'm posting this here, I wasn't sure where it should go.) If anyone of you pet lovers are interested this is a heads up to give you time to make an item(s) to help out your local animal shelter.

For you pet lovers out there this is the day crafters make items to help out their local animal shelters. I'm attaching a link to a cute blog called Sew Doggie Style (staring cute little dog Sebastian.) At the top of the page is a tab that says Craft for Shelters where she lists some tutorials she has to make things for the shelter animals. Plus she has other cute things on her blog for pets (some tutorials too.) If you would like to make anything for your local animal shelters I would check with them first to find out what crafty items they may (or may not) need. Sew DoggyStyle

Some (not all) animal shelters like to receive little quilts for the animals because it takes away from the stark feeling of the shelter as people walk through looking at the animals. They have found that a pretty quilt in a dog or cats kennel can keep potential adopters looking longer. This in turn helps more furbabies to get adopted to their forever home.