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    My long arm quilter notified me yesterday that she was going to discontinue her services. She is selling her Innova Long Arm. I have wanted a long arm for a long time but thought it was out of my price range. I am in a position to buy her used machine. Anyone have the Innova? Should I take the plunge? It is a big decision.
    I would appreciate your thoughts!

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    I don't have a clue.....but I would look up haw much they run at cost and compare what she is asking. Also you can look up reviews and maybe get a few clues what others are saying about it. I hope this helps a little.
    Good luck.

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      First I'd do the price check ... and then the reviews (like you're doing here.) My biggest fear would be that there may be some of her other customers who feel the same way - that they, too, would like to buy one. If I had the money and everything else checked out I personally would go for it. Eventually you could start your own business!


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        Re: BIG DECISION

        Yep, I have the 18" Innova in a table. SuzyQue has it on a frame. I talked with Suzy quite a bit before I got mine because I knew she had it for a couple years. She was part of what convinced me to take the plunge and buy mine.

        They are extremely well made machines. Made in the USA (the plant is just outside Houston), which is a big plus. Innova offers 24/7 phone support on their machines should a problem ever arise.

        Ask your longarm lady where she bought hers and go check them out at a dealer.
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          Re: BIG DECISION

          Yes, I have an 18 " on a frame. It was the largest I could fit in my studio, but if I was doing a business, I would want a larger one. I purchased this for my own use and still don't feel very competent on it......yes, I tend to be a little perfectionistic and oh, so picky! I adore this the dealer and all their help, the 24/7 phone line help, the durability of the machines and especially how they can be updated and all new bells and whistles can be added to each machine.......never need to replace. I have heard that you can't wear one out! It requires little maintenance, but the company teaches you how to do your own. It has a bigger learning curve than I thought, but I am picky! Ask any questions you have.......I will try to answer them.
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            Re: BIG DECISION

            Are you looking to use it for yourself or as a business. If you want to start a business check the market in your area before jumping in. There are so many people with LA and mid arm machines out there as well as so many people doing quilting on their DSM it can be difficult to start up a new business. Also your location can make a difference. We are 25 miles from any big towns and it has made things difficult. But I love my LA and Intelliquilter computerized setup and wouldn't trade them for anything. It's so much fun selecting quilting designs. It's the first thing I think about when starting a new quilt.


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              Re: BIG DECISION

              I am a member of a long arm guild and they are always so welcoming of new long armers. They claim there is always more work than LAers in any area. Most everyone tends to specialize eventually, so you will find your niche. If you are good, they will keep you busy! Besides if you are replacing a LAer in your area, you might have some built in business with some of her customers. Just be fair and don't undercut the prices offered in your area. There is more than enough to go around. (In a rural area and no one has issues with the drive for a great quilter!)