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grace queen machine quilt frame

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    grace queen machine quilt frame

    Gracie Queen Machine Quilt Frame

    hi all, new to forum and would like your input or knowledge about this quilting frame. I am thinking about getting this and using it with my juki sewing machine (which I Love , btw) wondering if anyone has this frame and if you are happy with it? is it easy to set up if you have never used a frame before? easy to use? have they improved the plastics? (I read an earlier thread about grace frames but wanted updated info) seems like everyone had satisfaction with the customer service and got parts replaced but it would be better if they improved the product.
    I just don't think I can wrestle a double quilt on my sewing machine and don't want to have someone else work on my quilts (although they would do it better, lol)
    appreciate help,

    Re: grace queen machine quilt frame

    I have the Grace Pinnacle... which goes from 5ft. to 10 ft... i have it set up at the 10ft... Have had it for over 5 years and love it... as with anything, you will a bit of a learning curve most likely,, but you won't be sorry, when you see how much easier it is to quilt you tops)
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