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    Sewing Machine Views

    Hello to all,

    I've narrowed my choices down to two sewing machines I plan to purchase in the next week or two. I'm wondering if you all can give me your opinions if you own either of these machines or one by these makers.

    Babylock Esante

    Bernina 640E

    I would like to hear about the brand, how you like it? The warranty? How do you handle cleanings? Repairs?

    Just give me what you've got.

    Thanks bunches in advance

    Re: Sewing Machine Views

    I have the babylock quilters dream and love it. About the only real difference from the one you are looking at is the embrodiery ability that you will have. As I don't use that, I wasn't looking for one with that feature. If I had, I would have gone with the babylock you are looking at


      Re: Sewing Machine Views

      I have both a Babylock & Bernina. Not the machines you are looking at though.
      I like my Bernina, but the owner's manual sucks, as it was not written with English as it's first language, and they didn't have anybody proof read the translations. They tend to leave important steps out, or put items under weird headings in the index. If you read French or Spanish you might be OK. They also use drawings that you have to guess what part they really mean. I have cleaned and oiled the bobbin casing area myself.

      The Babylock I have is a serger. It is reliable and very easy to use. The manual has real pictures so there is no "artist's interpretation" of what you are looking at. It also has clear & complete instructions that make sense in the English language. I have kept it clean and oiled myself, and have no difficulty in switching feet or functions on it.

      I would think that you should talk to the dealer about warranty, and free usage classes. Also ask if they have a discount for customers who bought their machines there. My dealer gave 10% off accessories & supplies. They also had free usage classes for owners of the machines. Some places have maintenance plans for cleaning & oiling your machines too.
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