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Square Pin cushion

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    Square Pin cushion

    Can someone tell me how to make one of these square pin cushions (it was in a few of the videos)? It is soooo cute. I would love to have one of my own! thanks Tina

    Re: Square Pin cushion

    hmmm..Do you know which video you see it in?


      Re: Square Pin cushion

      It was in the Four Patch Quilting Block - Beginner Block Quilting Series (time 3:19). I just love that one! thanks


        Re: Square Pin cushion

        If it's the one I'm thinking of they take
        • 2 charm squares ( I think there's are an inch or two bigger than charm size) or what ever size you like and take 1 long strip of coordinating fabric I'm guessing honey bun size (1 1/2") and sew it around the border of the charm square. So it stands away from the square and starts to look like a basket.
        • Then sew the other charm on the open end of your basket leaving space to turn and stuff.
        • Turn and stuff then wrap some ribbon around it like a gift and sew a button in the center of the top and bottom.
        That's it.

        Natalie is the one who made them so she could say for sure, mine is not from a pattern just looking and assuming. Nothing exact but that's me in general!
        To stitch or not to stitch... There is no question.