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Help with Bernina Artista 180E Software

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    Help with Bernina Artista 180E Software

    I have had my Bernina Artisita180 E for 10 years. I bought all of the Bernina software at the time for the embroidery machine. The laptop that I am using to run the software is on it's last leg. I would like to know is there another software that will work with my machine. I do very little digitizing. If I try to discuss this with my two sons we get in a fight and I get mad and the machine just continues to collect dust.
    Also, is it true that the Bernina can only use .ART files? I thought I heard that it could also use .EXP
    Any help would be beneficial.

    Re: Help with Bernina Artista 180E Software

    If the software you bought only works on XP, you can still buy a reconditioned laptop with XP. JUST KEEP IT OFF LINE!
    Offline the computer is safe from any virus or malware.

    Most machines can run EXP. The Bernettes used it. You had to put it in a special folder to make it work. Otherwise, EXP is just color stops. You would have to keep the printout to change colors.

    There's this:

    Sophie Sews, Embrilliance, Embird (I think it has modules) Amazing Designs has a Customizing Only module.

    There's this forum supported by Allbrands: ? Index page

    They have a very large embroidery forum and discuss most of the software. It's free to join.


      Re: Help with Bernina Artista 180E Software

      Since designs are sold on CD's today, I use a
      Pes2card to transfer designs from a CD
      to a design card. This comes with whatever
      Soft wear you need to do this plus a design card.
      This may be an alternative route for you.
      Using the PES2 card, the format is .EXP


        Re: Help with Bernina Artista 180E Software

        I have a 180 and I believe it only reads ART format. I have a friend that had a different Bernina machine and hers used EXP. As long as you don't need to resize or change the design, you can use any computer to transfer designs from the CD to an Artista Card. I have the Amazing Box which allows me to do this.

        If you don't go that route, you can hook the computer to the 180. It might be hard to find a cord with the correct plug these days. I think any embroidery software will work as long as you use the "save as" feature and specify ART. Good luck.


          Re: Help with Bernina Artista 180E Software

          Thank you everyone for your help. I really do appreciate your input.