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Hello my name is....

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    Hello my name is....

    Hey we're all new here at the moment and I thought I'd post something about myself and my quilting....

    Hehe there's really not much to say about it honestly I'm not a huge quilter, I've only done a couple of quilts so far but lots of projects and I just can't help but get excited when I see these new fabrics they keep sending out here!! I think the MSQC might make a bona-fide quilter out of me yet
    To stitch or not to stitch... There is no question.

    Re: Hello my name is....

    Hey Stitchy Woman....I so understand that. I have always been a "small" VERY small project Girl myself and am so in love with the fabric that I am about ready to be a real quilter myself!! I am pretty sure that will be the case for all the ladies here!! hahahah! How can you pass up all the amazing deals on the cutest fabric? For real. Love it. I can't wait to see what you are making.....or planning on making. Have a good weekend.