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    I have decided that I am going to go back to bed and start this day over. This was going to be my sewing day. Here is the rundown:

    1. I started yesterday cutting borders for a baby quilt. The long borders were fine but the short ones were 1/2" too short. Uff. Know what I did? I went by the pattern and didn't actually measure for borders. Hellooooo-#1 quilters no no. I knew better. I just didn't even give it a thought when I was cutting.

    2. Ok. I had to fix the short borders, so I had to cut pieces to fit to make up for the extra length. Looks like poo but not enough fabric to make a new set of borders. Got ready to trim them down to size and layed them both together and thought to myself 'measure them'. Did I measure them? Nope. Just trimmed them to what I needed. One was good and the other one was AGAIN 1/2" short. Really????? I set that one aside and put the corner blocks on the other short border and attached it to the quilt. No problem. So again, I pieced the last remaining short border and sewed on the little bits. I went to iron it and-voila!!! I had sewed them on opposite sides of the border. One was one way and one was the other way. I'm done. I threw it on my cutting table and left it. Oh, did I mention I need to finish it before Christmas? Oops.

    I decided to eat a big handful of chocolate chips mixed with peanut butter chips and drink a diet pepsi. I thought it might help clear my mind. Do ya think it worked? Nope. I was on such a sugar buzz that I forgot to put on my glasses before my next attempt at sewing. Went to brush my teeth and slobbered toothpaste down the front of my shirt.

    3. After that fiasco, I thought. I'll just work on a making binding strips for a couple mug rugs. So, I cut some strips and pieced them together with strips of the same color from another binding project. I got them all sewed together and ya know what? I went to iron them and low and behold. THEY ARE DIFFERENT SIZES!!!! One set was 2" and the other was 2 1/2". Oh, these are for Christmas too.

    At this point I thought it would be better to walk away. Actually I crawled because I thought if I walk I would probably trip on my sewing machine cord. Ok, maybe go out for a walk. Bad idea. Very icy outside. I didn't want to push my luck.

    I decided the best idea at this point was to just sit on the sofa, watch tv and crochet. I only have two dishrags and a baby afghan to crochet for Christmas too....

    15 minutes later, here is my attempt at crochet. IMG_20141207_165747 (640x480).jpg

    How in the hel..............
    I think I'm going to put a paper sack over my head and just sit here.
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    Re: Takesie-Backsies

    Deb, OHHHHHH, I feel your pain, but seriously I laughed so hard (I read this out loud to Hubs while drinking coffee, yep our sinuses are verrrrry clear now!) I almost gave myself a hernia!!!! R O F L!!!!!! May your yarn/thread never tangle, nor drop a stitch!

    ROFL, I just caught your edit!!!!!!! WKMG!!!!! how DID you do that?!?!? ROFL!
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    What do you mean I'm easily distracted..........HEY LOOK......FABRIC!!!!


      Re: Takesie-Backsies

      I am so sorry you are having one of those days! If it makes you feel any better, we all have them sometimes!
      So do something mindless till the fog clears!
      This is when I take my old strips of binding left over from squaring up quilts and sew them together with a zig zag stitch!
      How much can you mess that up??
      If its a real brain fog, you may have quite a big patchwork of batting!!
      Use it for pot holders, dog beds!!
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        Re: Takesie-Backsies

        Ohhhhh, I feel you girlfriend! !!! I've had that happen to me more than once....and feels like the end of the world and you want to throw it out the window! !! Lol... it was kinda funny ...One day you will look back and laugh about it like I did... what I do is blast my radio or use my cell phone to play Pandora radio to distract myself. ... sometimes that helps me relax... good luck. ...
        Priscilla Lujan
        Los Angeles, CA:icon_cool:


          Re: Takesie-Backsies

          Is that a dishrag for skinny things? lol. It's definitely time to rest the mind and take a break.
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            Re: Takesie-Backsies

            Wow the time I got to end of your post.......I couldn't see the computer screen because I was laughing so hard! Not laughing at you........been there and done that........just laughing with are laughing........right!

            I was just thinking it might be best if you put down the crochet hook.......don't won't to poke yourself in the eye! I say this calls for another handful of chocolate chips........sit on the sofa.......and look through a magazine........maybe a good long nap would help too.

            Tomorrow will be better.......we have all had quilting days like this.

            A possible solution to the border problem.......could you put corner stones of another color on your border pieces to make them long enough?
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              Re: Takesie-Backsies

              When I had a problem with a border being pieced [a lot] to make it long enough I put some flower applique over the seam and it turned from a booboo into a design focus.

              I sure understand the problems but it is really hard to see with a paper bag on your head. LOL


                Re: Takesie-Backsies

                I can fix the border. I just need to rip out about a 4" section. No biggie but I don't trust myself with a seam ripper now. Hard to see through a bag...

                And yes, I am laughing about all of this. I just told my husband and he said I should just sit here and not move.


                  Re: Takesie-Backsies

                  Deb, you've had quite a morning! A wise woman has this in her signature on a particular quilting forum Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength.” Just keep laughing and holding it together wise lady!
                  *~* Myrna *~*
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                    Re: Takesie-Backsies

                    You did the right thing by walking away (without tripping!)! I hope things go better for you when you try again.

                    Scottie Mom Barb


                      Re: Takesie-Backsies

                      You poor baby! Hope the next sewing session goes more smoothly than this last one did! My late husband always went by the rule " measure twice, cut once". I usually turned that around, so I've been in your situation more than once! Now I cut matching borders out at the same time, so at least the borders are the right size! I would just ease in a 1/2"! No problem!


                        Re: Takesie-Backsies

                        I recently had a border that was too short and I added cornerstones. Problem solved. Or you could put a small block in the center and everyone would think you were so clever to think of that.

                        I hate when my high motivation days turn into terrible, no good, very bad days. The chocolate and soda is the trick!

                        What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?
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                          Re: Takesie-Backsies

                          When that happens to me, I just sit on the couch and watch reruns all day long. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you
                          Shirley aka buckeyequilter
                          I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


                            Re: Takesie-Backsies

                            I admit I started laughing too But only because I felt I'm not alone! I had a similar morning some weeks ago, while measuring stuff was not going ro be right because... I don't know why but I just kept making mistakes until my husband found me crying on my WIP quilt

                            You're funny! And I like your attitude! But as our husbands say "Sometimes it's better to take a break and just do something else"... possibly totally unrelated!
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                              Re: Takesie-Backsies

                              You could always add to your quilt label - "when I made this quilt I was having a bad day, imagine if I was having a good day!!" Your quilt will be "wonderful" in the end and this addition to your label (just kidding) only speaks to the awesome work you do!! You did accomplish something quite spectacular on your 'bad day', you made us all laugh cause we've all been there and can now see the humor in it! "B"
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