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    Re: Takesie-Backsies

    Oh girls-the saga continues....

    I did finish the two dish rags without further incident last night.

    Today, oh boy. For some reason I woke up in an incredibly foul and sour mood. Oh well, shook it off (I thought) and went to work. I work in fish processing on the filet/deboning line. Well, I must have forgot to take the sack off my head because I almost cut myself once and poked the knife into my fingers three times. No blood, just pokes. Then I went to empty my gross gut pan and we always walk under our water jet machine. Well, I didn't duck enough this one time and WHAM! Hit my head on the underside of it. Got a pretty good rectangle shaped bump.

    TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER. I know it. DH is working 2nd shift tonight so I'm vegetating in front of the tv.

    Oh, I'm not touching that quilt tonight either....

    Carrie J: diaper change please!!!
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      Re: Takesie-Backsies

      Good grief you're having an "interesting" couple of days. Your first day made me laugh, your second all I can say is OUCH! I think you need a break- some mindless tv is in order. Right now there seem to be an endless stream of holiday movies if you're into that kind of thing. Hope the week gets WAY better.


        Re: Takesie-Backsies

        Wow Deb..........maybe sitting on the couch isn't safe enough.........maybe you should carefully lay down cover up with a comfy quilt and rest.......don't quilt.......don't cook supper........don't walk around......just lay there and rest.

        Sure hope tomorrow is better.
        "I'm putting together a list of 100 reasons why I am NOT relentless!" - Sue Heck, The Middle

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          Re: Takesie-Backsies

          I'm going to take a hot shower and go to bed and listen to the very windy storm outside. I'm glad that I can laugh at these kinds of days. I don't look at them as 'bad' days, just extremely crazy days.


            Re: Takesie-Backsies

            My Mr. has this saying he uses if the Grands are misbehaving or someone describes a problem child to him or some such dilemma - "tie 'em to the radiator"!! I think the source of this saying is that his dad'd dad ,from the 'old' country, as in Italy, actually did tie his dad to the radiator!! Anyway, Deb, I think you need to tie yourself to the radiator just for the protection!?!?!? Wouldn't mind a care pkg of some of those 'fish filets' you were jabbing yourself for?!?!?! I'm really am trying to be sympathetic here, but my love of "s e a f o o d" just kinda took over my thought process!!!!! "B"
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            ~can't get blood from a turnip ~~your neck o'the woods
            ~You're just playing possum (pretendin' to be asleep when you didn't want to get up n' go to school)


              Re: Takesie-Backsies

              Deb, do you need me to come down there and surround you in bubblewrap? Worst you go do then is go "pop".
              Sandy B.
              "A heart that gives will never be empty."


                Re: Takesie-Backsies

                Today was good and safe!!! The spell has been broken.

                Oh, bscuzz, we can buy fish from work. I just bought 9kg of cod filets for about $60. The filets are about 16" long each and thick. Nammi namm!!!!

                Thanks to everyone for the comedy support. I laughed reading every one of them.


                  Re: Takesie-Backsies

                  The quilt is finished and delivered!!! It is actually pink, hot pink, lavender and dark violet.

                  Marta1 (640x480).jpg2014-12-19 14.58.25 - Copy (480x640).jpg