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What can be worse than a snowstorm?

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    What can be worse than a snowstorm?

    Why, a snowstorm when you've got an order from MSQC on the way!

    Horrors, we've dug out enough to get to work but our mailbox is still buried and I just KNOW my Caroler layer cake and my Oreo jelly roll are in the letter carrier's jeep, calling my name!

    Hoping for a warm spell here in NJ!
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    Re: What can be worse than a snowstorm?


    I am originally from Cumberland Co. NJ. I miss the snow we used to get there. I still have family there and hope to visit in the spring.

    I agree with you....being snowed in and not having any crafts to do and knowing the supplies are on the way!

    Merry Christmas

    Vicki L


      Re: What can be worse than a snowstorm?

      But, on the other hand, what can be better then a snowstorm?

      1) A snowstorm that leaves you stuck inside with lots of time to work on those quilts and making a dent in that stack of packages that you recieved from MSQS daily deal orders that you just had to have even though you knew you didn't have the time to use them.

      2) Having your husband stuck at home so that he can finally find the time to start working on making the cubes required for you to remodel your sewing room.

      3) Having your kids stuck at home to help you reorganize your sewing room.

      4) Having the time to catch up on all the new posts on here and to research some new quilt patterns to make.

      5) Having the time together as a family to do some Christmas cookie baking.

      I can think of many more positive things, but here are 5 good ideas to keep your mind off of the order that seems won't come. I feel your pain, but there are some positives for being stuck in too. I am really enjoying being stuck in! I hope you are feeling better now!
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