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    Hi Everyone...

    Do any of you know if this ruler (96 Degree) can be replaced with another one?

    "I would hate to purchase ANOTHER Ruler un necessarly if another one can do
    the same JOB just as well."

    Here's the short Story(I'll tryyy my BEST)

    I recently acquired the "TWO from ONE Jelly Roll Quilt" book from the 2 nice English Ladies.... and it seamssss that their favorite Triangle Ruler so happens to be a
    96 Omnigrid ruler to make the triangle square thinggys that they use for this book.

    Well Anyhowww... as I continue the STRIPPING process (thanks to Mrs EL--my Mentor(but that another... SUBJECT!) lol...

    I'm boggeled by this Questionnnn????...

    So SandyN----Here's where My inner voice comes out too...
    "Can't I just use a ruler I already have? (who said THAT!)

    I already own 2 of the Fons and Porter triangle rulers:
    • Omnigrid Half and Quarter Ruler
    • and the Flying Geese
    • Ohh! and the June Tailor Ruler Triangle HalfSquare

    Thank-you All in Advance...
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    hmm I can't say i've ever seen a 96 degree ruler.
    is this the ruler you're referring to?

    I would think any ruler with the same angles or markings would work. If i was using a ruler i would mark which line i was using just because, well knowing me i would forget
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      Re: 96 DEGREE RULER

      I've never heard of a 96 degree ruler either - and I'm not familiar with the block/book you mention. I would say if you cut carefully any ruler you have could be adapted though.
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        Re: 96 DEGREE RULER

        I hadn't heard of the 96 degree ruler, so I looked it up. It seems any ruler that is at least 6" long that be used, because the angle used is a 90 degree (or square angle). So any square ruler can be used. If you need help using a square ruler for it and have your specific measurements, let me know.
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          Re: 96 DEGREE RULER

          Thank-U Gurlz!! for all your advices....

          Uhh..... I didn't notice It!
          It issss a 6" triangle......
          [ GENIUS!!!
          I'll give it a try
          :icon_popcorn:~When life throws you scraps make a quilt.~