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Vintage Singer Excitement!

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    Vintage Singer Excitement!

    Hi All!
    I stumbled upon a vintage Singer yesterday at a garage sale, of all things!
    After a bit of investigation, she's a 15-86, born on March 12, 1935 in Elizabeth New Jersey. She is in a wooden cabinet (rough shape) with 4 drawers-not the ornate ones though, stool with removable top and removable notions holder inside. The stool seems to have the original covering on it, in good shape. I am sure?? the machine used to be a treadle, but modified to electric.
    There is a model number on the base of the machine, decals are a bit worn, and there's a decal of a bird on the bed. The Grandmother of the lady that sold her to me was the original owner, and the Granddaughter stated that she sewed on it this past Christmas.
    I haven't had a chance to try her out, and no time today, bummer. I can see a worn spot on the belt, but there's a Singer guy in town I can take her to.
    2 owners manuals and quite a few feet and I think I saw a box for a hemstitcher attachment in the drawers too. The cabinet is rock steady on it's legs.
    Hopefully more info to come! I am thinking of a name for her....

    Re: Vintage Singer Excitement!

    Woo hoo! What a find. Enjoy your new machine!
    When life throws you scraps, make a quilt! :icon_bigsmile:


      Re: Vintage Singer Excitement!

      Yay for vintage Singers! I love my Betty and wish I had a whole room where I could collect them. Whoo hoo for you!
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        Re: Vintage Singer Excitement!

        Okay, Lola, send her over to me and I'll clean her, recondition her, give her a perm, and send her back!!!! I name all my machines. BTW I understand that if the bird decal is a pheasant that it is a rare machine . . . I have one from 1892 with pheasant decals . . .
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          Re: Vintage Singer Excitement!

          Yay for you, Lola!! Congrats!!
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